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By Georgie Kulczyk
For the Courier 

Women's Walleye Tourney Draws 61 Teams


Georgie Kulczyk

FACEBOOK PHOTO Local ladies Patti Fogle and Trish VanderMars caught this 29.5 inch walleye during the Women's Walleye Tournament July 30. Their team, which included Fogle's husband Keith, placed fourth out of 61 teams with a total weight of 25.94 pounds.

The Glasgow/Fort Peck chapter of Walleyes Unlimited held their annual Women's Walleye Tournament Saturday, July 30 on Fort Peck Lake.

Taking home the top prize of $1000 were Avis McDowell and Misty Williams of Froid with a total weight of 35.54 pounds caught.

This year, 61 teams participated in the tournament and brought in nearly 500 pounds of walleye.

Results: 1-Avis McDowell/Misty Williams 35.54; 2-Ashley Molstad/Johnna Antonich 29.08; 3-Sam Rose/Mary Rose 27.18; 4-Trisha VanderMars/Patti Fogle 25.94; 5-Darci Ellefson/Brianna Overby 18.34; 6-Penny McNary/Myla Barton 16.80; 7-Cortnee Albright/Kristin Strohm 15.54; 8-Trisha Schepens/Lee An Herman 15.40; 9-Cindy Sundheim/Catie Leininger 15.04; 10-Jill Meiers/Mandi Meiers 14.99; 11-Jenny Fuller/Cindy Lott 14.90; 12-Keegan Morehouse/Alicia Morehouse 14.14; 13-Stephanie Paine/Larae Hanks 13.72; 14-Betty Stone/.Diane Brandt 12.67; 15-Brianne Brunelle/Lawana Grewe 11.89; 16-McKenzie McDowell/Shannon Seiler 11.46; 17-Ronette Babb/Darla Downs 11.42; 18-Beth Mindy/Timberly Smith 10.96; 19-Carrie Mesman/Jodi Schock 10.78; 20-Laura Tognetti/Becca Ludwig 10.78; 21-Alicia Nielson/Lacey Flaten 9.74; 22-Lisa Tesdal/Wendy DeWitt 9.64; 23-Tandi Vannatta/Missy Romstad 9.60; 24-Mary Humbert/Mandie Maldonado 9.44; 25-Tracy Harada/Kiyo Rudd 9.38; 26-Kelli Miller/Kersten Jackson 8.28 27-Jami Johnson/Haley Lipszyc 8.00; 28-Darci Waarvik/Deb Hystad 7.97; 29-Samantha Van Horn/Tina Van Horn 7.78; 30-Shannon Wienner/Kelly Potts 7.78; 31-Wandee Hushka/Chunks Friz 7.38; 32-Jenni James/Kelly Sillerud 7.24; 33-Irene Loudon/Cierra Loudon 6.68; 34-Kristi Erickson/Patti Dull 5.36; 35-Sammy King/Janeen Britzman 5.20; 36-Maridene Johnson/Mary Hughes 4.74; 37-Holly Hunziker/Barb Hunziker 4.52; 38-Cindy Bishop/Renae Bishop 4.14; 39-Holly Cotter/Jaena Cotter 4.09; 40-Heather Demko/Donna Kelly 3.80; 41-Dorothy Johnson/Chale Clark 3.44;42-Thelma Riggin/Breilyn Riggin 3.28; 43-Emily Stageberg/Crystal Nelson 3.28; 44-Amanda Engstrom/Mary Volk 3.21; 45-Pam Carpenter/Cassie Hurst 2.76; 46-Kathy Johnson/Becca Ludwig 2.36 47-Kim Redstone/Tori Gagne 1.94; 48-Heather Murch/Unknown 1.78; 49-Judy Conradson/Melissa Nagle 1.50;

50-Verna Cotton/Farah Burt 1.38; 51-Amanda Williams/Justine Wasley 1.32; 52-Milly Eggebrecht/Vanessa Eggebrecht 1.03;


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