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By Georgie Kulczyk
The Courier 

Thunder Places Fourth in Scobey

Three Swimmers Earn High Point Honors


Georgie Kulczyk / The Courier

Thunder swimmer D.J. Rasmusan swims the freestyle at the Scobey swim meet this past weekend. She finished seventh in the 50m freestyle, third in the 100m freestyle, and second in the 400m freestyle.

The Glasgow Kiwanis Thunder swim team competed in their second meet of the season June 10 and 11, traveling to Scobey for two days of racing.

The team was represented by considerably more swimmers than at the previous meet held in Harlem, and the Thunder earned fourth place overall.

Last summer, Scobey hosted their first meet since building their new pool, and a new pool record was set for each event. This weekend, many of those records were broken, but a few still stand and wait to be challenged at future meets.

Earning high point for Glasgow were three swimmers: Khloe Krumwiede and Katie Kaiser (three-way tie with Torey Dahl from Sidney), and Dalton Sand.

Full results:

Jordan Billingsley: 50m freestyle, 5th, 33.31; 100m freestyle, 6th, 1:16.72; 100m backstroke, 3rd, 1:26.29.

Rachel Billingsley: 50m freestyle, 9th, 39.70; 100m breaststroke, 5th, 2:01.22; 50m butterfly, 6th, 48.55.

Jackson Bishop: 50m backstroke, 9th, 1:33.21.

Torrance Braaten: 50m freestyle, 11th, 1:07.85; 50m backstroke, 11th, 1:34.30.

Raelee Dowden: 200m individual medley, 3rd, 3:51.49; 100m freestyle, 5th, 1:28.27; 50m backstroke, 2nd, 46.41.

Kaitlyn Hiltunen: 50m freestyle, 8th, 58.27; 25m backstroke, 6th, 29.36; 25m butterfly, 2nd, 28.62.

Trevor Johnson: 50m freestyle, 2nd, 30.20; 50m butterfly, 1st, 33.32.

Katie Kaiser: 50m freestyle, 1st, 30.50; 100m backstroke, 1st, 1:18.24; 50m butterfly, 3rd, 36.03.

Tony Kaiser: 100m freestyle, 5th, 1:12.21; 50m butterfly, 3rd, 39.16; 400m freestyle, 3rd, 6:04.05.

Khloe Krumwiede: 200m individual medley, 2nd, 3:03.03; 50m freestyle, 2nd, 30.54; 100m freestyle, 1st, 1:09.87.

Klaire Krumwiede: 50m freestyle, 2nd, 34.82; 100m freestyle, 2nd, 1:19.09; 50m backstroke, 1st, 45.78.

Abigail Kulczyk: 50m freestyle, 6th, 1:01.41; 50m backstroke, 8th, 1:18.62.

Jordan Kulczyk: 100m freestyle, 2nd, 1:11.81; 100m backstroke, 4th, 1:29.88; 400m freestyle, 1st, 5:56.09.

Sophia Larson: 100m individual medley, 3rd, 2:48.84; 25m breaststroke, 3rd, 31.83; 25m butterfly, 5th, 35.95.

Iris McKean: 50m freestyle, 8th, 41.20; 50m breaststroke, 8th, 54.75; 50m backstroke, 8th, 51.27.

Bergen Miller: 50m freestyle, 6th, 39.97; 50m breaststroke, 4th, 50.30; 100m freestyle, 3rd, 1:30.77.

Kate Parks: 200m individual medley, 5th, 4:43.27.

Tori Pehlke: 50m breaststroke, 4th, 51.57; 100m freestyle, 7th, 1:34.42; 50m backstroke, 4th, 50.88.

Tommi Prewett: 100m freestyle, 10th, 1:43.91; 50m backstroke, 6th, 51.60.

D.J. Rasmusan: 50m freestyle, 7th, 34.47; 100m freestyle, 3rd, 1:20.89; 400m freestyle, 2nd, 6:34.67.

Ava Reyes: 200m individual medley, 4th, 4:33.11; 100m freestyle, 8th, 1:40.23; 50m butterfly, 7th, 52.56.

Dalton Sand: 200m individual medley, 1st, 3:23.12; 50m freestyle, 1st, 33.28; 50m butterfly, 2nd, 37.45.

Natosha Sand: 50m freestyle, 5th, 35.93; 100m breaststroke, 6th, 1:47.85.

Madde Swindler: 50m freestyle, 10th, 45.10; 50m backstroke, 9th, 57.25.

Myli Swindler: 50m freestyle, 12th, 1:05.39; 25m butterfly, 7th, 38.94.

Girls' 8 and Under 100m freestyle relay: 4th, 1:48.76 (Riley Clampitt, Kaitlyn Hiltunen, Myli Swindler, Sophia Larson.)

Girls' 11-12 200m freestyle relay: A team 2nd, 2:35.22 (Iris McKean, Tori Pehlke, Raelee Dowden, Klaire Krumwiede.); B team 4th, 2:56.35 (Ava Reyes, Tommi Prewett, Madde Swindler, Kate Parks.)

Girls' 15-19 200m freestyle relay: 1st, 2:07.49 (D.J. Rasmusan, Katie Kaiser, Jordan Kulczyk, Khloe Krumwiede.)

Girls' 11-12 200m medley relay: A team 2nd, 3:08.82 (Klaire Krumwiede, Tori Pehlke, Iris McKean, Raelee Dowden.); B team 4th, 3:51.51 (Ava Reyes, Tommi Prewett, Madde Swindler, Abigail Kulczyk.)

Girls' 15-19 200m medley relay: 1st, 2:29.87 (Khloe Krumwiede, D.J. Rasmusan, Jordan Kulczyk, Katie Kaiser.)

The Glasgow Kiwanis Thunder will travel to Chinook this weekend for their scheduled two-day meet.


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