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By Christina Hillman
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I was recently asked to write a letter to the editor of our local newspaper and was provided a template written by a coalition to reduce underage drinking to base my letter. Although well intended, I decided not to use the templates because it didn’t sound like me or reflect the point I wanted to get across, so, I started from scratch and here it goes.

The holidays are a time of celebration for all ages and for many, it includes the use of alcohol, whether it be used traditionally or creatively. I myself annually make a big batch of hot buttered rum batter for the season and we usually have wine with our holiday dinners. When it comes to New Year’s celebrations, the flow of alcohol seems to be endless. Unfortunately, this is also true for some of our youths’ celebrations.

We’ve all heard it before and I know that some people get tired of hearing it, but underage drinking is becoming more of an issue. I could fill you full of stats on the subject, but quite honestly I will never even remember them either. I have a young daughter that was so close to becoming a teenager that we are all feeling the impact (parents of girls this age know what I’m saying). She is becoming more involved in social activities and it is so important to me that she knows proper social etiquette and common courtesies toward her peers and other adults. I also talk to her about the use of alcohol or other illegal substances in order to take a proactive stance on the subject and avoid having to be reactive should something bad happen.

So, fellow parents, I encourage you to talk to your children about the effects and consequences of underage drinking because I truly believe that educations starts at home. Part of that responsibility is restricting access to alcohol. Keep an open line of communication with your children and lock up the alcohol if necessary. If you do, talk to them about it and let them know that it is for their health and safety as well as the safety of others.

Finally, I want to encourage anyone attending New Year’s celebrations to utilize the service of the Valley County Search and Rescue safe rides. They have been doing it for some time now and I want to thank them for looking out for our community. I also want to applaud the DUI Task Force for offering to match donations to Search and Rescue for the rides. Thank you!

Christina M. Hillman is Justice of the Peace for Valley County.


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