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Doesn't Early Easter Mean Early Spring?

Another Good Friday and Easter have passed without me getting any potatoes planted. Why some things stick in your mind is unknown to me, but planting potatoes on Good Friday and “If it rains Easter Sunday, it will rain for the following seven Sundays” always comes to mind.

I will admit that the old saying concerning rain for seven Sundays is probably like rain in 90 days following a fog. I have marked all of that on a calendar occasionally; however, I must confess that I forget to follow up on it.

Another Easter memory – ham has long been the meal of choice for Easter. Do you remember your mom soaking that ham before cooking to reduce the amount of salt? There are areas in our southern states that still sell and serve COUNTRY CURED HAM.

This probably comes close to the cured hams of early days.

Really, really good, but you could be assured of many trips to the water bucket and dipper, as well as to the outhouse.

Oh, doesn’t an early Easter supposedly mean an early spring? Hard to believe that old saying when we consider the last several cool days.

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