By Gwen Cornwell
Remember When 

City With A View


Courtesy of Valley County Historical Society / For The Courier

Many buildings have endured decades on the downtown Glasgow landscape. This pleases "Remember When" columnist Gwen Cornell.

Some days my mind is just so filled with the present that I forget about the past. However, today I spent some time looking at the painting of Glasgow, 1914, that is located in the lobby of the courthouse.

What really interested me were the buildings that remain standing to this day. I could pick out the spire of the Evangelical Church in the background and of course the cool building on the corner across from the present day Farm Credit Services. (Cool, when you think of those lovely green bricks. Do I remember reading that these were called Italian brick or something similar?)

That building is among others we are lucky enough to have in our city landscape. The two-story buildings pictured on the corners on 2nd Avenue South also are still serving the community.

One of businesses pictured has not been a part of our town for many years, that being the livery stable or barn. Can you even picture a large horse boarding facility right in the main part of your town? If you can bring that to your mind, how about the manure disposal process?

I am going to think a little on that one for another day. In the meantime, look around your surroundings and appreciate the fine workmanship of prior times.

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Reader Comments

nakotah47 writes:

I believe the green glazed fire brick on the outside of the old Gambles Hardware Store is called Italian glazed fire brick.


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