By John Brenden--Montana State Senator
The Brenden Report 

'Basically No Service' From Postal Service


Montana State Sen. John C. Brenden, R-District 18, wrote this letter to U.S. Rep. Steve Daines, R, and sent it to The Courier.

Congressman Daines –

I have been contacted by many of my Montana Senate District 18 constituents about the horrible service by the U.S. Postal Service. There basically is no service anymore. When mail takes weeks or days to go from one Montana town to another 20 miles or more away – it is ridiculous and harmful to the health and economies of Montana! And it is not the fault of the local post office workers. Ranchers, farmers, business folks, the elderly and anyone who sends mail, depend on good service. All we see is increasing prices and poorer service!

When I mail a letter from my home town of Scobey, it goes to Billings or Timbucktu or wherever and then finally comes back to Scobey. Sometimes this is many days later or weeks. This is dangerous for folks who depend on the mail, especially in rural Montana, where some need their medication sent by mail. It is also costly for people that pay their bills or need to get a deposit into the bank. And, with all the financial problems the Postal Service is having, this just amplifies the problem.

Now folks hand-deliver their mail, when mailed in Scobey to Scobey businesses, thus bypassing the post office. There goes lost revenue. This is not just happening in my hometown, but all over the state and country. The only service we seem to receive anymore is just more debt!

I just visited with the Daniels County Leader folks, and they said it took a week to get the Leader from Scobey to Fort Peck, about 100 miles away! I would urge all of you to make your voices heard to our very “service-oriented” U.S. government!


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