By Sierra Stoneberg-Holt
Letter To The Editor 

Sierra Stoneberg-Holt: She'll Be There


Sierra Stoneberg-Holt of southwestern Valley County, a frequent contributor to The Courier Opinion page, has been trying via email in recent days to rally opposition to attend the meeting that Mark Robbins refers to in the above letter. Here is one of her emails.

Dear all,

The more I hear about this meeting, the more disturbed I am. The FWP informed their own Citizens Advisory Council very late and grudgingly.

They did not inform Senator Brendan, who is on the Fish and Game Committee, even though it is being held in his region and about his area.

The panel is woefully unbalanced (see letter above). The majority of the affected counties are not invited to participate, and the meeting was planned to conflict with a required County Commissioner meeting. Public comment is only permitted on the first day. (Apparently the hope is that the public will not show up for the second day, since they won't be allowed to say anything, and then the decision can be slammed down without the public present.)

But I saw what all of us together were able to accomplish at the CMR water grab. We made our voices heard, and we made a real difference.

Please, come to this. I'll be there the whole time. Forward the message. Call your friends. I've printed 75 posters (to display at the meeting), but I don't have 75 hands.

Even if we aren't allowed to speak, we can hold up posters. I've been advised that we will have to bring our posters in quietly to try to avoid confiscation at the door. Come help me hold up a poster!

After four days struggling with the computer, I finally got the Helena Independent Record poster to print properly, so here it is, along with a few other ones I threw together.

Pass the word and see you there,



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