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By Gwen Cornwell
Remember When 

Love That Dirty Water


I was driving along the irrigation ditch during these last couple days of hot, hot weather and remembered how inviting any water could and can be on a hot day.

If you were a country kid, you can remember playing in a water pond in the pasture, swimming or even water skiing in the irrigation ditch, or even making use of the horse trough (watering tank). That was before thinking or knowing about all of the dangers.

Dangers other than accidents immediately come to mind. There was the possibility of getting duck itch from those stagnant ponds that were so much fun, and the joy of picking off blood suckers when you cooled off in the irrigation ditch.

Well. Maybe that wasn’t really considered a danger, but definitely a hazard. However, if you lived in the country, or a community without a swimming pool, those places provided fun and relief. And most of us didn’t know any different.

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