By Steve Page

New Shed, Civic Center Looking Good For A Reason


I would like to compliment the Valley County Road Department Supervisor and his crew on their fine job of constructing the new storage shed in the county yard.

As taxpayers, we appreciate the accomplishment of this project in your spare time, using largely salvaged materials (bridge timbers) and no doubt saving the community a lot of money. We also recognize that you didn’t allow a little cold weather to send you back to the warm shop on a few those nasty days.

For anyone unfamiliar with this new structure, it is worth taking a look – very impressive and very sturdy.

Similarly, the custodian and his assistant at the Civic Center deserve a compliment for their wonderful effort toward sprucing-up and remodeling this important and historic old facility; also using salvaged materials and adding a fresh coat of paint. These two fellas are on the job shoveling snow, sweeping floors, picking trash, etc. before 7 every morning, at least five days a week, and sheet-rocking, smearing paint, or whatever else, in their spare time.

Anyone not having been to the Civic Center recently should stop by to observe the fresh look taken on by this great old building and the pride these two men take in their work; keeping it immaculately cleaned, shined and policed. It reminds one of a military facility ready for inspection and the public’s use - every morning.

Steve Page



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