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  • OP-ED: Insurance May Not Cover a Hail Damaged Roof

    Rep. Seth Berglee|Oct 27, 2021

    When it comes to insuring your home it is important to know there is a significant difference between “Replacement Cost” and “Actual Cash Value” coverage. We’ll get to that shortly. You can't watch TV without seeing an insurance commercial. Whether it's Progressive's Flo, Allstate's Mayhem, or Jake from State Farm, there is a heavy flow of advertisements for insurance companies. Insurance is one of the most competitive industries in the United States, with over one million agents writing 1.28 trillion dollars in premiums in 2020. In this hype... Full story

  • OP-ED: Will Senator Tester Vote to Impose Critical Race Theory on Montana's Children?

    Rep. Seth Berglee|Oct 20, 2021

    Montanans overwhelmingly reject Critical Race Theory in our classrooms. Since Brown v. Board of Education, we’ve worked to live up to our founding ideals and we hold true to the principle of equal treatment for every student. President Biden’s controversial nominee to head the Department of Education’s extremely powerful Office for Civil Rights (OCR), Catherine Lhamon, instead wants to make sure every school in America implements and adheres to Marxist ideologies disguised as so-called antiracism teachings. Ms. Lhamon’s nomination stalled... Full story

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