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  • Reason Behind Anonymity

    Horace Sence, Reader Commentary|Jul 22, 2015

    Mr. Vaupel, Regarding your “dilemma” about my signing the original letter as Paul Harvey, which wasn’t published: You asked what my reaction would have been if you would have told your readers (and me) you had received a letter from “the” Paul Harvey… and then went on to wonder whether I would have written, “Hey Virgil, you Dumas. Paul Harvey is dead. Or didn’t you know?” Even if I had your talent for that “causerie” (informal but intelligent) writing style of yours, I wouldn’t have disrespected you in that way in a public format, any more...

  • Readers Deserve Not to Be Mis-informed Nor Ill-informed

    Horace Sence, Reader Commentary|Jul 8, 2015

    Mr. Vaupel’s “causerie” style plays well here in rural N.E. Montana. I enjoy it myself. But, to this observer, he lacks the broad perspective and open mind necessary to objectively seek out facts beyond those that serve his occasionally ill-informed and seemingly prejudiced opinions. The conservative Mr. Vaupel appears to play as free and loose with his facts as liberals on the opposite side do. At a time when our country is in dire need of unity, and citizens willing to stand up to the divisiveness of ideologues on either side, it was refreshi...