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  • Avoid These Hunting Mistakes

    Bruce Auchly, FWP|Oct 18, 2017

    Each fall tens of thousands of Montana men and women spend anywhere from a few hours to a several weeks hunting. Most have a wonderful time; a few run afoul of the law. Here are 10 problem areas, courtesy of Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks game wardens, that hunters seem to stumble over year after year: 1. Trespassing. Hunters must have permission of the landowner before hunting on private land. In Montana, private land does not have to be posted for a hunter to be guilty of trespassing. Ask first. 2. State law makes it illegal for anyone to...

  • Fall-Winter 2015 Elk, Deer, Antelope Hunting Outlook

    Bruce Auchly, For The Courier|Sep 30, 2015

    ANTELOPE Montana antelope populations are continuing to recover and grow from previous years’ winter kills and low fawn numbers in central and eastern Montana. This year, there are even a few more special licenses available reflecting that improving status. Successful antelope-license applicants may recognize increased fawn production in many areas as populations respond to this year’s favorable weather and habitat conditions. Montana’s antelope archery season will close Oct. 9. The general rifle season for antelope will run Oct. 10-Nov. 8. Her...

  • Stop and Appreciate the Songbirds

    Bruce Auchly, Region 4 FWP Information Officer|Jun 24, 2015

    There is something about songbirds this time of year that can catch the ear, eye and heart of even the most preoccupied person. It doesn’t matter where: mountain tops, middle of the prairie, downtown, uptown. It doesn’t matter what you call them: tweety birds, little brown jobs, neotropical migrants. Songbirds are nesting, raising young and – at least the males – singing their blessed little hearts out. Sure a dedicated birder with keen hearing can tell the difference between the songs of a savannah sparrow and vesper sparrow. Or with a quick...

  • Maybe March Is The Month To Give Wildlife A Break

    Bruce Auchly, My Opinion|Mar 26, 2014

    Ladies and gentlemen, we are entering crunch time. That time of the year when spring and winter play a tug of war, and depending on how it goes, deer and elk could be the losers. Members of the deer family that go into winter in good shape have the energy reserves and body fat to survive those December and February subzero spells. But a long winter that continues through March and April will start to tip over the smallest and weakest. And if we humans are not careful, we’ll cause some of the bigger animals to tip over. Already some of our l...