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Two New Nashua Town Council Members Sworn In

After the Nashua Town Council scheduled election was canceled due to municipal elections being held in odd-numbers years, the Town of Nashua Council got to work in accepting letters of interest from individuals to fill two open positions. These two positions have been held by Dave Leraas and Ann MacDonald, though their term expired Dec. 31, 2023. Leraas and MacDonald have been serving on the Nashua Town Council; however, they have not been recognized by the State of Montana as having fulfilled these roles due to no election being held as expected in 2023.

A total of four candidates submitted letters of interest: Joy Guttenberg, Jody Novak, Ann MacDonald and Gregg Fromdahl. During the special meeting held on April 22, those wishing to fill the position were interviewed in a group setting and were asked two questions: What they felt the biggest issue the Town faces and if the individual selected could work with the current staff to proceed with town business. At the end of the interview process, the Council appointed MacDonald and Fromdahl to fill the positions.

In 2025, which is the next election cycle for municipalities, if Fromdahl and MacDonald wish to retain their seats they will need to file a Declaration of Nomination with the Election Office to fulfill the last two years of the term, which is through Dec. 31, 2027. If they do not wish to retain their seats, they will not complete the last two years of the term.

Also in 2025, the mayor and the other two town council member positions will come open. Individuals wanting to run for these positions will have to file Declarations for Nomination for four-year terms starting Jan. 1, 2026, and Dec. 31, 2029.


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