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Law Enforcement Report

For the week of April 15 through 21, there were eight motor vehicle stops, three reports of missing dogs and five reports of loose livestock.

Monday, April 15

1721 – Caller reported when she got home after work, the back door was wide open. She stated this is about the third or fourth time this has happened. She is not aware of anything missing or any damage to the residence.

Tuesday, April 16

0850 – Reporting party called in stating he has fallen and can’t get back up. He is not injured. His door is locked, and dispatch asked who has the key to be able to contact them to come and unlock the door.

1320 – Reporting party called in stating she has a gas leak. The leak is outside the house and she has already notified MDU, who advised her to contact dispatch. LRFD FC was contacted, and stated that if MDU calls requesting FD response then they will go, otherwise it was advised to wait to page out the FD.

2249 – A suspicious vehicle was reported. The caller reported it was all dark except for a pair of brake lights. At 2251, an officer advised the brake light is on, but the vehicle is not on and no one is around.

2330 – Reporting party called stating there was a man on her porch that she doesn’t want there. She wants an officer to tell him to move on. At 2344, an officer advised the suspect was no longer on the premises. The reporting party does not want any action taken.

Wednesday, April 17

0010 – A public assist call was recorded. A deputy is out with a Sedan parked on the side of the highway. It was advised they were okay. They had just pulled over to take a quick nap because they had been driving for a while.

1137 – Reporting party called in vehicle that her brother is going to sell to a junk dealer today. It’s her husband’s vehicle and she has the title to it. She would like to speak to an officer about the situation.

1411 – Reporting party called in wanting to report fraud. She states that in August 2022 she wrote a check in the amount of $4,500 to have work on her roof. This work was never done. She has a copy of the check from her bank and text messages between her and the contractor about the work he was supposed to be doing. Reporting party was advised to keep all records she has on the transaction so the officer can see them and possibly the county attorney also. She also has a business card for the company that the contractor gave her.

1512 – Caller reported he was involved in an accident in the parking lot. A description of both vehicles were provided and there are no injuries. Officer will complete a report.

1520 – Deputy advised he was out with a male subject who wanted a ride to Glasgow, but deputy was going in the opposite direction for a call. He gave the subject some water and continued to the call.

1545 – Reporting party called requesting an officer to come. She had a male in this business that threatened her. They have him on camera doing so. The deputy advised the business wants the male trespassed from the property. The deputy will contact the subject and let him know he is not welcome back.

1631 – Reporting party called in requesting an officer. Someone has broken in and she is not sure if anything is missing. She would like an officer to go with her to do a walk through.

Thursday, April 18

0246 – Reporting party called and said she had gone through all the rooms earlier today and opened the curtains. When she got off work, she dropped in and discovered one room with the curtains closed. She thinks someone may be in there that shouldn’t be. She’d like an officer to come and go with her to open the room. At 0253, officer advised she searched the room and the lobby. No one was there. The reporting party will go to work to secure the building better.

1311 – Deputy forwarded an email from the Tip Line. It is about an abandoned vehicle that. Per the tip, the vehicle had been there for eight months. A picture of the vehicle was also sent and it has expired tags. An officer was notified who will talk to someone about the vehicle.

2257 – A suspicious vehicle was recorded. Per the deputy, it was a dealer vehicle with tail lamps lit.

Friday, April 19

1426 – Reporting party called stating there are four kids down at the ball field below his residence. They have BB pistols and are shooting everything down there. Approximately 15 minutes later an officer advised the kids were using airsoft guns, not BB guns.

1909 – A public assist call was recorded. Law enforcement is out with a male who is walking by the side of the highway.

2201 – Caller requesting an officer there now to get a female out of there. She is acting up and reporting party is threatening to beat her. Per deputy at 2228 parties separated for the night. The fight was only verbal, there was no assault.

Saturday, April 20

1709 – A 911 call was received from a man who asked if there was a grass fire in the area. Dispatch advised there are numerous burn permits out today. It was determined to be a controlled burn with a burn permit.

1856 – Caller reported a pickup that blew past her. The construction has a speed limit of 35 MPH which he was going faster than that. When attempting to gather information on the caller, the phone cut out and the call was lost. Dispatch called back and the caller was nearly to Hinsdale so the call was passed on to Phillips Count.

1924 – Caller reported someone dumped off garbage and there are people out there cleaning it up. He was not sure if they wanted help.

2100 – Caller reported there was a fire that was left burning at a camp site. It’s in a fire pit but they don’t have any water to put it out. Fort Peck Fire Chief was contacted, who has a guy out in his personal vehicle looking for the fire but cannot find it.

Sunday, April 21

0144 – Reporting party advised she needs a ride for an elderly male. When asked if the subject has friends or family that can pick him up, the reporting party stated she wasn’t sure as she doesn’t think is subject is all there. She said the only things she knows about him are his name, where he lives and a description. She is concerned about him leaving without assistance due to his possible limited mental state. An officer was notified who was told a patron was going to give the individual a ride.


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