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NorthWestern Energy Encourages Montanans To Prepare For Severe Winter Weather

Prepare for storm-related outages, report issues to energy providers, use caution and give repair crews room to work safely

Temperatures across Montana will plunge with dangerous wind-chill factors this week, according to the National Weather Service. The arctic blast will bring heavy snow and strong winds to many areas of the state and prolonged bitter cold beginning Friday, Jan. 12.

Montanans are relying on NorthWestern Energy to keep their homes and businesses operating safely. Across the state, extensive planning begins when storms are forecast. NorthWestern Energy’s crews and equipment are positioned to quickly respond to any issues.

While we prepare our systems year round to meet peak energy demands in extreme conditions, system outages affecting customers can occur. We always want our customers to be prepared too. Time spent planning and preparing before a storm will help keep you and your family safe when severe weather hits and if you do experience an outage.

· Ensure all your electronic/mobile devices are fully charged.

· Charge portable charging devices, such as battery banks.

· If you have an emergency power source, such as a generator, know how to use it properly.

· Prepare an emergency outage kit. Keep necessary food, medicine, and other supplies on-hand, including batteries for flashlights.

· Have a portable radio, TV or NOAA Weather Radio on hand to monitor important information.

· NorthWestern Energy’s outage page, provides updates on repair and restoration. Bookmark energy service outage pages for quick and easy reference.

Find more outage safety information at

Safety is our priority for our customers and crews.

Keep yourself and others at least 30 feet away from downed or damaged power lines. NorthWestern Energy customers can report outages online at or call our emergency line, 888-467-2669.

Make sure your natural gas meter’s regulator vent is clear of snow and ice so the flow of natural gas into the home can be regulated properly. Use your hand or a broom to gently remove snow from a meter. Never use a shovel on a meter.

If you smell natural gas, leave the area immediately and when at a safe distance, call 911.

If you see energy company crews, stay clear of their worksite and drive cautiously when passing by.


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