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A Letter From Frances Mahon Deaconess Hospital (FMDH) CEO Nick Dirkes

Dear Community Members,

I want to express my gratitude for the thoughtful concerns raised regarding the potential acquisition of a portion of Hoyt Park for additional parking. At FMDH, our commitment to community well-being is paramount, and we aim to provide excellent care close to home while exploring opportunities to better serve our community.

Firstly, it's crucial to clarify that the park is not bound by the same deed restrictions as our current hospital site. The park's origin traces back to a court order from the early 1900s, designating specific city land for municipal, educational, or park use. While the decision to repurpose green space is challenging, the city has the option to sell it, using the funds for community projects.

Concerning the need for extra parking, while it may appear that we have sufficient spaces presently, future expansion considerations are crucial. Our growth is hindered by the building's size, constrained by its location relative to the levy, limiting options for additional construction without impacting existing parking. Without a designated area for relocated parking, any expansion becomes unfeasible. We are yet to determine the extent of a potential expansion and how much existing parking would be affected, but we assure you that any disruption to the park would be minimal and only if absolutely necessary.

Although we explored the possibility of adding a second story, thorough engineering research revealed its infeasibility due to structural constraints.

Your concerns are valued, and we remain committed to transparency and community involvement throughout this process. Our meetings with the city are open to the public, adhering to city policy. Under the leadership of Mayor Karst, the city council has been cooperative, understanding the gravity of this decision. We are currently in discussions and exploration. Before any official decision, the council plans to hold a meeting, providing the community an opportunity to voice their opinions.

Thank you for your understanding and ongoing dialogue.


Nickolas L Dirkes

Chief Executive Officer Frances Mahon Deaconess Hospital


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