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Glasgow High School Educational Trust Announces Dillon Cassel Memorial and Recent Awards

The Glasgow High School Educational Trust gratefully acknowledges the recent donation of $10,000 to the trust from Scott and Robyn Cassel in memory of their son, Dillon. In making the donation, the Cassels wrote that their family wanted "to express a sincere thank you to the community for its love, kindness and concern following Dillon's death. We are truly blessed to live in such a caring community. May we all keep his memory alive by living our lives to the fullest."

Dillon was a proud and enthusiastic Glasgow Scottie, graduating in the Class of 2008. With his easy-going personality, artistic ability, and curiosity about the world and life's possibilities, he easily formed friendships that continued after graduation, throughout the years and across the miles of separation. His talent and interest in art, writing, economics, and many other subjects motivated him to participate actively in discussions with his teachers, as well as his peers, and earned him their respect and admiration.

These characteristics continued into Dillon's adulthood. He never stopped learning or acquiring new skills. One of his favorite quotes was written by Robert Heinlein: "A human being should be able to ..." It was a guiding principle in Dillon's life, and he did, indeed, become very able.

Following his graduation from GHS, Dillon attended Montana State University – Bozeman for one year. He then enrolled in Montana State University – Northern in Havre, where he earned a two-year degree in plumbing and sustainable energy, with certificates in welding and electrical, as well.

He returned to Glasgow and was employed by Dale's Plumbing. He found the trades to be a satisfying and practical way of expressing his creativity.

Believing that "the first order is to take action; the direction can always be corrected later," Dillon literally changed direction in 2013 when he traveled to Thailand, the center of the Martial Arts world, to pursue his passion in exercise science and nutrition. Eventually, he became a co-owner of a gym in Bangkok called New Moves, which specializes in training world-class athletes. Dillon's specialty was in preparing high level jujitsu athletes for international competitions. Through his hard work and determination, the business became very successful and just celebrated its 10th anniversary.

Dillon Cassel was one of 791 different GHS alumni who have received financial awards from the Glasgow High School Educational Trust since its inception in 1964. The trust's primary mission then and now is to help GHS graduates pay for their post-secondary education. To date, the trust has awarded over $2.9 million dollars to students attending hundreds of different schools across the nation. Many students have received multiple awards over their courses of study.

The application, which lists all requirements that must be met, is available at Financial need has always been a primary consideration; therefore, the trust has established levels of support to meet students' diverse needs, and it distributes the funds available accordingly. Trust awards are not traditional scholarships only for those with very high grade-point averages. All students in good academic standing are given equal consideration. This includes students in trade schools and vocational/technical programs. The application must be completed properly, thoroughly, and submitted on time to be considered. Application deadlines are July 1 and Oct. 15 of each year.

In addition to student gifts, the Glasgow High School Educational Trust, as a secondary mission, also uses the earnings on its corpus (now over $11 million) to purchase enrichment programs and equipment for Glasgow High School that cannot be financed through tax revenues, levies, or bonds. Every teacher at GHS may make a request from the trust. Those requests are then prioritized by the principal and submitted to the trust for consideration. Funding for the requests is at the sole discretion of the trustees. The trust awards are not and never have been intended to replace traditional, official funding sources. Over the years, every department of GHS has received such gifts, benefitting all students and the public at large when it attends events at the school or uses its facilities. The total dollar value of these awards to date is over $316,000.

Whenever the trust receives donations that total $500 or more in the name of a particular individual, a one-time gift is given to a student or to GHS in the name of that person. Donations of $10,000 or more in the name of a particular individual allow for an ongoing naming opportunity on a regular basis. Large donors may specify whether they want their memorial to support student gifts or school gifts or either. Recent donations are trending to student gifts only.

At its recent semi-annual meeting, the Glasgow High School Educational Trust made the following awards for the 2023-2024 academic year to 22 students in honor, recognition, or memory of the individual(s) whose name(s) are listed after theirs. This list includes the first award made in memory of Dillion Cassel, a young man who exemplified the best aspects of Scottie Spirit – kindness, intelligence, diligence, and loyalty.

First-time recipients:

Abigail Engstrom, University of Montana, IRO Willard & Charlotte Bruce Family – fall semester, IMO Maxine Fiedler – spring semester;

Klaire Krumwiede, University of North Dakota, IMO Horace O. & Emma C. Gamas – fall semester, IMO Gary & Idella Mott – spring semester;

Kylie Lagerquist, Dakota College at Bottineau, IMO Marsha Cotton Hall – fall semester, IMO Karen D. Newton, spring semester;

Blake Lloyd, Gallatin College, IMO Dillon Cassel – fall semester, IMO John & Dolores Wesen – spring semester;

Iris McKean, University of Montana, IMO James F. & Anne Hoffmann – fall semester, IMO Dr. F.M. & Bernice Knierim – spring semester;

Abrianna Nielsen, Dickinson State University, IMO the Hoveland Family – fall semester, IMO Audrey & Arthur Parke - spring semester;

McKenna Strommen, Montana State University, IRO Paul & Joyce Ruffcorn Jacobson, - fall semester, IMO James "Jim" A. Parke, spring semester;

Tarin Vandall, University of Idaho, IMO Verda Hoffarth Stewart – fall semester, IMO L. J. & Jean Baker – spring semester;

Mitchell Winchester, Montana State University, IMO Leslie L., Lillian, & Mary Margarette Hanson – fall semester, IMO Richard "Dick" & Mary Lou Alley Wagenhals – spring semester.

Second-time recipients:

Rachelle Glaser, MSU-Billings – IMO Stan & Eva Kalinski – fall semester, IMO Ardis Parke Fuhrman – spring semester;

Emmalynn Page, South Dakota State University, IMO Robert "Bob" E. Rennick, Jr., - fall semester, IMO Harold H. & Irene W. Smith – spring semester;

Victoria Pehlke, University of Montana-Western, IMO Dean Rusher – fall semester, IHO James & Ailene Dokken Olk Family – spring semester;

Eli Sisson, University of Cincinnati, IMO Vern & Edna Richardson, - fall semester, IMO Phyllis E. Moen Sanguine – spring semester;

Kayla Wilson, Western Governors University, IMO Harry Rybock – fall semester, IHO Charlotte Bruce – spring semester.

Third-time recipients:

Isaac Braaten, South Dakota School of Mines, IMO Michael "Mike" C. Kaiser – fall semester, IMO Cecil & Chloe Vincent Toftness – spring semester;

Salomon Hansen, Montana State University, IMO Judith "Judy" Rorvik Saindon – fall semester, IMO James "Jamie" K. Fewer – spring semester;

Tanner Overby, BYU-Idaho, IRO Beatrice Trites & Family – fall semester, IRO 1966 Scholarship Gift to Karen Anne Swenson – spring semester;

Lauren Padden, Montana State University, IMO Wallace L. Johnson – fall semester, IMO Lila Moen Sanders & IHO Phyllis Moen Sanguine – spring semester;

Brennan Peters, Minot State University, IRO Stannebein Family – fall semester, IHO Everett & Elizabeth Breigenzer – spring semester;

Timothy Wageman, Montana State University, IRO Glenn R. & Carolee Grina Wallem – fall semester, IMO Ronald A. Combs – spring semester;

Fourth-time recipients:

Merlin McKean, Montana State University, IHO Gayle Wagenhals Sage – fall semester, IMO Aaron "Chappy" Chatten, - spring semester;

Cordelia Nickels, Montana State University, IMO Cass of 1972 -Deceased Classmates – fall semester, IHO of Sever & Esther Enkerud – spring semester.

In addition to the awards to students, the trust purchased the following equipment for GHS:

New furniture for the library – IRO Herb & Lucille Friedl Family

Audio equipment for the Drama Department – IMO O. E. & Lois Wilson Markle

Floor covering for the gymnasium – IMO Donald "Don" J. Baker.


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