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For the week of May 8 through May 13, there were 16 motor vehicle stops, four reports of loose dogs and 14 reports of loose livestock.

For the week of May 15 through May 20, there were 19 motor vehicle stops, two reports of inspection requests, three reports of loose livestock, one report of loose goats, one report of a missing dog, one report of a loose dog and four reports of assist citizen calls were recorded with no further information provided.

Monday, May 8

1734 – Caller reported someone told him the back door to the convenience store was busted. He stated he would like to file a police report. The caller also stated a volunteer for the store had driven by several hours ago and saw the back door was broken, then Facebook messaged him. The volunteer also stated there were candy bars all over the place and shut the door when they left.

2142 – Caller reported when she got home she discovered food in her backyard. She clarified it was almond bark that was stored under her washing machine that was found in the backyard. At the end of the call, she said that the almond bark looks like it had been taken out of the packaging, broken up, tossed on the ground and then placed back in the packaging. The caller stated the individual must have come through the front door which was unlocked. The gates to the backyard are difficult to open, it would take adult strength and height to open the gate. The caller stated they have had issues with kids in the neighborhood. She wanted this reported in case there are issues in the area but is not super concerned, just found it weird.

Tuesday, May 9

1121 – Reporting party called in stating she got a “weird” phone call, from a male who said he was with the Butte-MHP, they had information that her identity has been stolen. They said also they were contacted by officers in Colorado that they have a vehicle associated with the reporting party that has drug residue in it. She said she asked the male if he could call back in a little while so she could check on it. The caller stated he kind of got upset about this but told her to go ahead. At 1103 hours, dispatch called the number that was provided by the reporting party. The number did not go to the Butte MHP, a female answered and was asked by dispatch if she or any coworkers had called or knew about the initial call. It was determined it was a scam call as Butte MHP would not call about this type of incident anyway.

1228 – Caller advised that last Friday a truck dropped off a conveyor, possibly for a rock crusher, a 1960s model. It looks like the wheel bearing went out and it’s parked on the approach to Fox Farm Road. The school bus cannot pick up or drop off kids safely now. The caller provided the plate numbers and believes it may be out of Bozeman so may not be coming back for the equipment. At 1353, deputy advised there was a phone number that was spray painted, so the deputy called and left a message. If she doesn’t hear from them, she will have someone get this equipment.

1423 – Caller said someone left a bike in his yard. He stated he put it on Facebook to see if someone would claim it and they didn’t. He said it isn’t in the best of shape but it is still someone’s bike. An officer was notified who advised another officer will take the bike to the bike shed when he comes on shift. A description of the bike was provided.

1430 – BNSF police called in stating a passing train saw three trespassers just north of the provided address. There were two males with a dog and one female. A description of the persons were provided. At 1437, an officer advised he checked the area and patrolled around a couple of blocks, but was unable to locate.

1636 – Reporting party called stating someone clipped his truck. The other driver took off. At 1642, an officer advised it is private property accident with minimal damage. The drivers will handle the situation themselves.

Wednesday, May 10

0058 – Reporting party stated there is a man on the west side of her house, who is crying, wailing and saying “Oh God.” He may also be vomiting. She says he is really loud and wants an officer to check it out. At 0103, an officer requested a deputy be contacted to help him get the four-wheeler off the man. Ambulance was also requested to be paged.

0132 – Reporting party stated there was a man with a pickup with a camper and a trailer parked in their south parking lot. He thinks the man may be camping there for the night and wants him removed. At 0301, officer advised the people are going to move to the Event Center. They were just looking for a place to spend the night.

1852 – Caller reported they’re driving a tracker motor home and broke down about six to seven miles east of Glasgow along US Hwy 2. They are out of the driving lane and have their flashers on.

2147 – Reporting party stated he came home and found a man in his yard. A description of the male was provided. The caller stated earlier while he was out working, he saw a vehicle pulled over by a Sheriff’s vehicle. The caller said he talked to the man, who provided his first name and went on to say that he and his friend had been told to leave the vehicle and walk home. The caller would like to know if he should be worried about these men being in the area. He requested a call from a deputy.

Thursday, May 11

1602 – A call was received from a woman who stated there is an RV stuck and an officer would be needed for traffic control. A minute later, a second caller reported an RV attempting to back out from the underpass on the north side. It was advised an officer is on their way.

Friday, May 12

1149 – Caller stated there is a subject in a camper that needs assistance backing out. At 1203, an officer advised this will be clear in just a second as the camper is just about out.

1450 – Reporting party called in stating they just had a drive off of $114.01. A description of the vehicle was provided as well as direction of travel.

1756 – Caller reported that BIA Route 1 has an area of the roadway that is caving in. She called BIA and told them about the situation. They paved over the area with blacktop but now the area has caved in again.

1942 – Reporting party called stating someone posing as a representative for Northwestern Energy stating she didn’t pay $150, her power would be shut off in 23 minutes. She said she laughed at him and stated, “I know this is a scam. I owe a whole lot more than that!” and the man hung up on her. When she called the number back it rang into Northwestern Energy. Dispatch told her people can scam the number and make it appear it is from who they claim they are.

2145 – Caller reported that a vehicle pulled out of Hinsdale onto US 2 and almost hit him. The vehicle is all over the road and headed eastbound. A description of the vehicle was provided. He is willing to sign a complaint.

Saturday, May 13

0514 – Caller reported a Jeep has been following him around as he picks up the trash. He stopped and the female driver was asking where an address was. He explained but she is still following him around. He said she just looks at him with a blank stare when he talked to her and thinks she might be under the influence of something. At 0552, the vehicle was found by an officer.

1306 – Caller stated this morning, the neighbor’s dog jumped the fence into his yard and became aggressive with his dog. The dog was snarling and growling. The reporting party’s wife has talked to the neighbor and they are concerned that this hasn’t stopped and the dog may end up injuring their dog or someone else. At 1417, deputy advised they spoke to the owner and stated she will keep an eye on it and keep the dog in their yard.

1601 – Deputy advised a truck is parked in the driveway at the listed location. It appears the vehicle has been abandoned and the back window shot out with a possible BB Gun.

1905 – Caller requested the next available deputy swing by. It is not an emergency but would like to speak to them. There is a kid or adult riding around on a bike up between houses and in the common areas. His concern is for kids and pets in the area. He said the camera in the RV caught it on video.

2101 – An assist citizen call was reported. It was just people taking pictures of the sunset and clouds.

2132 – Nurses at hospital reporting a dog bite. The girl is still in the ER with her mother. The description of the bite was provided and a citation was issued for nuisance animal.

Monday, May 15

1912 – Caller said a couple of deputies were up there the other day looking for someone and requested that he call back if a vehicle returns. The vehicle is at a house now and he stated it was there earlier in the morning. The vehicle has expired tags and looks like a homeless person is living in it.

2013 – A hazard call was reported. Debris was on the roadway.

Tuesday, May 16

1021 – A caller reported his tool box somewhere in the area of Glasgow. He was driving from about half a mile south of MT Hwy 24N to the storage units on the west side of town when someone flagged him down to let him know his tailgate was down. During that time his toolbox fell out of the back of his truck. A description of toolbox was provided. The reporting party stated he drove looking for it but could not locate.

1221 – Caller requested an officer at the location. A female, who has been evicted from the residence, is attempting to gain entry, according to the neighbor. At 1240, the officer advised the residence is secure but doesn’t know if she gained entry and then locked it behind her. At 1251, deputy advised everything is good, and the deputy had received a message from the property owners saying they could get their stuff from the garage and then they left.

Wednesday, May 17

0121 – Reporting party called and reported seeing smoke. She states it is all through St. Marie. For clarification dispatch asked if it smelled like smoke to rule out the possibility of it being fog. The caller stated it definitely smelled like smoke. At 0148, St. Marie Fire Chief said he had patrolled all the way up MT Highway 24N to Fuhrman Road. He thinks the smoke is coming from Canada. Several more calls came in within the following few hours reporting the smoke and asking if the fire was close by.

0920 – Caller reported a hit and run that took place yesterday. It was discovered this morning and a description of the damage was provided. The reporting party stated the deputy can call or text. At 0934, deputy advised she attempted to call for the registered owner but received no answer. She is on scene with the truck and is taking photos.

1038 – Reporting party requested an officer at her residence for theft. She stated while she was sleeping a male came into her residence and stole her purse containing her medicine, makeup and other items. She did not see him but her cousin saw him in the bathroom and chased him off. When asked if she had an idea as to where he would go, she said his grandmother’s residence. Deputy requested another deputy be notified because the suspect is a flight risk. At 1149, deputy advised they have one detained and wanted to confirm tribal was en route.

1247 – Someone, who wished to be anonymous, reported a man, woman and two kids who are soliciting. The caller stated this happens every spring and fall. Right now there are people who are giving them stuff. The family has been there for about an hour.

1519 – Caller reported her husband traveled through the area early this morning for work in North Dakota. He stopped at the rest area on his way through and believes he left his wallet there. A description of the wallet was provided. She already reported this to DOT and was told to call dispatch. At 1647, deputy advised he is going to swing through the rest area to see if he can find the wallet, but was not able to after searching all over the rest area.

Thursday, May 18

0316 – Reporting party stated they heard a couple fighting. He thinks the man hit the woman, and she is screaming. While trying to get the location confirmed, the reporting party went quiet. At first, it sounded like he thought they were in a vehicle parked in front of the house across the street, and then he said they were in the house. At 0317, officer advised he spoke with the residents. The man was trying to get his dog to go into the house and was yelling at it. The officer further advised he spoke to both parties and there was no altercation.

1816 – Citizen assist with a semi with farm equipment with something hanging off the side.

Friday, May 19

0211 – Assist citizen call was recorded. Per deputy, the person has been sitting in the driver seat for an extended period of time tonight in the parking lot. It was determined the person broke down and is waiting until the morning to get the vehicle fixed.


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