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Valley County Free Tree Day Canceled For 2023

Free Tree Day is funded by the generous businesses and individuals of Valley County including contributing organizations such as the MSU Extension Service of Valley County as a sponsoring agency and also the Gumbo Gals Garden Club, of Nashua.

Shelley Mills at MSU Extension along with Dave Pippin have been very instrumental in getting and keeping this project going through the years.

The Gumbo Gals has helped with set-up and distribution for many years becoming an actual monetary sponsor probably five or six years ago.

To date, over 21,000 trees have been given out. Some of the varieties would be: Prairie Sky Poplar, Common Lilac, Canada Red Chokecherry, Buffalo Berry, Caragana, Nanking Cherry, Golden Currant, Honeysuckle, Amur Maple and also over time some Spruce and Pine.

The trees have always came from the State Nursery in Missoula. Only two varieties were offered this year at a much higher price. Drought and fires were no doubt a contributing factor. The State Nursery has indicated they will no longer be a source for these bare root seedlings.

We will continue to look for an available source but for now, this Spring 2023, or possibly even next year, we will need to see what we can come up with to try and keep the program going.


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