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Law Enforcement Report

For the week of March 20 through March 26, there were 18 motor vehicle stops and three reports of a loose/barking dog.

Friday, March 17

1250 – A store employee called stating there has been a red van parked directly in front of their store since this morning. It is two hour parking there and they are concerned as they have handicapped customers that come in and it is in the way for them. An officer advised he will call the registered owner of the vehicle.

1918 – Reporting party stated someone sideswiped his pickup around the rear wheel area. He thinks it was a white pickup and that it happened within the week sometime. He doesn’t think it was there last weekend. When asked, he said he noticed it today when he was at the restaurant. At 1927, officer advised he is going to the reporting party’s house to take photos of the vehicle.

2142 – Officer advised he’d be out assisting MHP on a traffic stop.

Saturday, March 18

0536 – Reporting party requested an officer to look at some game cams he had set up around his place that caught some kids on it. As information was being gathered, it was determined the caller was in Glasgow, Kentucky, and dispatch explained the call was made in Glasgow, Montana. He stated he will find the number for the Glasgow Kentucky police department.

1003 – Deputy inquired about the address to the pound. There are two males that have the dog in the bed of their truck and they are going to take the dog to the pound. Deputy was advised the pound doesn’t take dogs at random,they go through the Glasgow Police Department and only if the dogs are in town.

1031 – Caller stated she can hear the neighbors, who have moved next door about three months ago. There is loud screaming and thumping. The caller thought the female was yelling “help” but couldn’t be sure. Deputy spoke to both parties and it appears it was just a verbal argument.

1541 – Caller reported the neighbor is outside the residence and yelling, using different voices and being very strange. The caller is concerned that maybe the person is off her medication. She states there is no one around her, but can’t be sure how the person is going to react based on her actions currently. Information was passed along to two deputies as well as tribal. RCSO 911 was also contacted who stated they would be sending a tribal officer as well. At 1605, deputy advised she spoke with the reporting party but were unable to make contact with the subject. Tribal Officer was advised of the circumstance.

1956 – RCSO called requesting a deputy be sent and their reporting party asked for an officer because her son was there packing his stuff while also making threats, The woman stated she was afraid of her son. At 2032, deputy advised everything is okay and this is more of a stand-by while the son packs his stuff and leaves. Tribal is also on scene.

2050 – Reporting party stated some guests called the front desk and told him it sounded like someone was getting beaten up in one of the rooms. At 2112, officer advised everything is good and they are clear. Warnings were issued for disorderly conduct.

2132 – Officer is out with four semis that just pulled over. He is checking to see if they are staying or just getting food. It was advised they parked to get food and officer stated they need to move if they are eating in town.

Monday March 20

1657 – Caller reported that she hit the deer by Aces & 8’s. She said an officer is on scene and already dispatched the deer. She is not injured. At 1702, the officer reported an antelope that was hit and requested an officer on regular duty to the scene as the vehicle was still there. It was determined there was no damage to the vehicle so no crash report was needed. A message was later left with MT DOT.

1843 – Caller said she is out of state and her caretaker informed her that half her pilot lights are on and the oven pilot light is off. She tried contacting businesses but did not have any luck. She is looking for someone that can either light the pilot light or disconnect the oven. A deputy was patched up with the caller.

Tuesday, March 21

0818 – Reporting party called in to report the roads to Irle School are very icy and rutted badly. She would like the City Street Department to do something. Dispatch called the Street Department and advised of the complaint. It was stated a sand truck would go up there.

2045 – A recorded message was received advising of a motor vehicle accident. The recording was giving the latitude and longitude. The male was trying to talk to dispatch but the phone was cutting out so it was hard hearing him over the recorded message. It was determined he and his wife were involved in an accident along US 2 between Nashua and Glasgow. He didn’t know the mile marker. It was determined the couple are not injured and do not need an ambulance but their air bags did deploy. A description of the vehicle was provided and it was reported the car is sitting upright in a big ditch. The reporting party also advised that a pickup with a trailer pulled up and are parked nearby so responders can see them.

Wednesday, March 22

Motor vehicle stops and a barking dog were reported.

Thursday, March 23

1538 – Reporting party called in about getting a lot of scam calls in a short period of time. He said he has gotten about 20 of them lately. The calls started out as the Publishers Clearing House scam call wanting him to go get a gift card or scratch ticket then take a picture of it and send it to them then he would get the 1.5 million dollar check. Then he got another call where the caller called him names and the last one he received was very vulgar. He didn’t give them any of his personal information. Dispatch advised the caller to block the numbers and to keep blocking them.

1747 – Caller reported he could see vehicle tracks that went off the south side of US 2 as going down the hill east of Glasgow. He couldn’t see a vehicle but wanted someone to check on it.

2131 – An assist citizen call was recorded. An officer checked on a vehicle with flashers on. Everything was okay.

2333 – Caller reported a dead deer in the eastbound lane just west of MM 554. Local MDT office was notified.

Friday, March 24

0547 – Caller reported a slide off near MM 518. He stopped and checked on the guy who is okay and is walking around. At 0551, the driver called unsure where he is but provided a description of his vehicle.

1153 – Deputy advised of a deer on the south side of the intersection, behind a fence. MT DOT in Opheim was contacted.

1319 – Reporting party called stating he just went out to get his mail and found a debit card in his mailbox. Officer advised he would go pick it up and take it to the credit union. The next day, March 25, at 1300, caller stated no one picked up the debit card yesterday and he would be home for about 30 minutes and then be gone for the rest of the day. An officer was notified who requested the caller place the card in the mailbox and he would be by to pick it up.

1619 – Reporting party called stating she just got home about 10 minutes ago and found her door unlocked and opened. She doesn’t know who has another key and doesn’t know if anything is missing yet. Dispatch asked if she wanted an officer to respond. She said not at this time as she will look around to see if anything is missing. If there is she will call back.

Saturday, March 25

1336 – Caller reported a deer that’s not dead laying on the side of the road looking around. A deputy was contacted, who responded to the scene. It appeared the deer was bedding down.

1623 – Caller reported a car going at a high speed passing others. The vehicle was not swerving but was passing other cars at a high rate of speed. At 1628, deputy advised she did not come across any vehicles more than 60 MPH. At 1630, another deputy reported he passed a vehicle that was going 68 MPH.

2027 – Reporting party called and requested patrol of the parking lot where her car is parked. She said there were some rowdy kids over there. At 2029, an officer advised he patrolled the parking lot and everything seems okay.

Sunday, March 26

0958 – Reporting party called with concerns of a house that is currently under renovations. They have a video camera on their front door and they received a notification that someone was on their deck walking around and looking in windows. They don’t have all the cameras up so the caller doesn’t know where all the person went. They wondered if an officer could drive by to check on the house to ensure it was not broken into or damaged. She stated the house is clearly under renovations.


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