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By Michelle Bigelbach
The Courier 

Take It Slow On Snowy Icy Roads


November 16, 2022

Old Man Winter made an appearance over the past week, which reminded all of us what cold and snow is after a mild end to fall-like weather.

A new record low was broken for Glasgow Airport on Nov. 10, when it hit -15 degrees Fahrenheit. This broke the previous record low of -13 degrees Fahrenheit that was set in 1911. This was the first record low to be broken in over two years. The previous record low was April 13, 2020.

There have been 23 record highs broken since then, in 2020, 2021 and 2022.

The National Weather Service in Glasgow states a La Nina pattern is expected to continue through winter, which typically brings cooler and wetter conditions in the northern part of the United States.

The Glasgow Police Department is asking the public to ensure safe driving conditions when the roads are icy and snowy. Assistant Chief Tyler Edwards reminds people to slow down for safety and defrost windshields prior to driving.

“The speed limit is not always the speed limit to follow. There is a basic speed rule, which is driving for the conditions,” stated Edwards. The basic speed rule is “a person operating or driving a vehicle of any character on a public highway of this state shall drive the vehicle in a careful and prudent manner and at a rate of speed no greater than is reasonable and proper under the conditions exiting at the point of operation, taking into account the amount and character of traffic, condition of brakes, weight of vehicle, grade and width of highway, condition of surface, and freedom of obstruction to the view ahead."

Edward also stresses to watch out for kids that are playing in or near the street as well as kids who might be sledding within the area. “Slow down for safety!,” stressed Edward.

He also stated to take the time to defrost windshields and clear off the snow before driving. “Auto-start has really helped people with this but make sure you take the extra time to get everything cleared off.”

He also advised the number one traffic violations are because people are in a hurry. “Take the extra time and slow down,” he stressed.


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