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From The Valley County Sheriff's Office - Addressing Rumors

I want to address a rumor floating around Glasgow that says arrestees are being released from jail because of COVID and that the public is not being notified.

This rumor is absolutely False!

It is true that we have had a run of Covid in the detention center. We originally escaped the initial thrust of Covid in 2020 and were doing quite well with our procedures for cleaning and disinfecting. However, just like each of us, Covid caught up to us. We are on the tail end of this in the facility now.

To be clear, at no time were arrestees released back into the public because of this illness. At no time will arrestees be released because of Covid or similar illness.

Detention Center Mission Statement:

The Primary mission of the Valley County Detention Center is to protect the community by securely holding persons who are determined by the courts to pose a threat to public safety and to house those persons who have been sentenced to serve time. This will be accomplished in such a way as to insure the ethical and legal obligation to provide secure, safe and humane confinement to all those who enter these walls regardless of class, race, gender or sexual orientation.

As the Sheriff and Administrator of the Detention Center I will continue to uphold the Mission Statement and my sworn duty to protect the citizens of Valley County.




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