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Hinsdale School Supply List

Teachers at Hinsdale Public Schools have made up their lists for supplies they would like their students to bring on the first day of school.

Remember to get your sports physical before the first day of practice and immunizations before school begins.

First day of school is Wednesday, Aug. 17.

Kindergarten: Backpack, 2 glue sticks, 1 Elmer’s liquid glue (4 oz bottle), 1 Box of 24 crayons, 1 Box of colored pencils, 1 Pocket Folder, 1 Pair of non-marking PE shoes, 1 Box of markers, 1 pair of scissors, 1 pencil box, 1 pair of headphones, 1 box of Kleenex, Water bottle,

Extra clothes to be kept at school in case of accidents. *Please include pants, socks, shirt, and underwear.

First Grade: Backpack, 24 #2 yellow pencils no mechanical or decorative, 1 Wide Rule 1 subject Notebook, 1 two-pocket folder, scissors, 1 box of 24 crayons, 1 box of 8 crayons, 1 pack of colored pencils, 4 glue sticks, 1 pencil supply box, 2 large pink erasers, 1 box of tissues, Ziplock Bags gallon or sandwich, Non-marking PE shoes, Water bottle

Optional: extra pair of socks to keep at school (for PE days) and headphones

Second Grade: Backpack, 1 dozen #2 pencils no mechanical, 1 Wide Rule 1 subject notebook, Scissors, 1 pocket folder, 1 box 8 crayons, 1 box 24 crayons, 1 box colored pencils, 4 glue sticks,1 pencil supply box, 1 box tissues, 1 container of Clorox wipes, Non-marking PE shoes, water bottle, Headphones.

Third and Fourth Grades: Backpack, 1 dozen pencils, colored pencils or crayons, expo markers, scissors, 4 glue sticks, 2 large erasers, pencil box or pouch, 2 Wide Rule 1-subject spiral notebooks, 1 package loose-leaf paper (still in the package please), 2 pocket folders, 2 large book covers, 1-gallon size Ziploc bags, 1 container Clorox Wipes & 1 box of tissues, water bottle, and PE shoes to leave at school.

Fifth and Sixth Grade: one dozen pencils, black/blue pen, pencil bag or pouch, two glue sticks, Three Spiral Notebooks, one package of loose-leaf paper (still in the package please), Two 2 “ Three-Ring 1” Binders, two-pocket folders, three large book covers, non-marking PE shoes, 3 boxes of tissue.

Seventh and Eighth Grades: Please remember to bring an assignment notebook, non-marking PE shoes, and 1 spiral-bound notebook for English to be kept in the classroom, a notebook for Social Studies, a clear cover binder for Ag Ed, Social Studies, 2-3 spiral notebooks, highlighters, book covers, a box of tissues, and pencils. Math, book cover, small & flexible three-ring binder, and loose-leaf paper.

HS English Classes: college-ruled notebook, 2 pocket folders, pens, pencils, flash drive

Social Studies Classes 3 ring binder, 2-3 spiral notebooks, book covers, a box of tissues, highlighter, pens, and pencils.

JH & HS Math Students: All students: Small, flexible three-ring binder, loose-leaf paper, book cover, TI graphing calculators are recommended, but optional.

Geometry (Sophomores): In addition to the supplies above bring a compass.

Science 2 pocket folders, college rule notebook, pencils


Please bring a box of Kleenex and Clorox Wipes, to save the school the extra expense of having to constantly supply them. Wipes have been shown to help reduce the spread of viruses.


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