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Where oh where has my little dog gone! She was there a minute ago

Adventures in St. Marie

Who would have thought!

Last week, February 7th, we were out walking around Saint Marie.

We went the back way, where there are open spaces and gravel roads, there is a large amount of foundations only in that area, ages ago the homes had been moved to parts unknown in Montana.

We came across Kathleen Bushy and a pup on a leash and at first… we thought she was talking to herself! Then a man’s voice called out to her but where the heck was he?!!

Kathleen came up to us and told us that her friend , Dave Evans, was down in the storm drain checking on her other pup who she had just let off the leash and Ginger bolted and disappeared down the drain!

Dave came up and Kathleen then went down the drain to check on her pup,

of course she was concerned that the pup might be badly injured, since the drop was 15 feet!

Before we arrived, Kathleen had called a couple of friends and also Town Hall to see if Rob Esaias could come and help.

The pup is a 42 pound black lab/pit bull mix and not the lightest one to push up through the drain hole and to safety and especially if she was injured.

I left to go fetch a flashlight while Frank stayed behind, and before I could return, Frank handed her the leash and she pushed the pup up and Frank scooped her up and got her out of the hole.

As you can imagine, the pup was very happy.

By that time Rob Esaias pulled up and later on he let us know that he had taken the backhoe over there and filled in the old storm drain. He mentioned that kids play back there and pull the covers off the drains.

We have not heard how the pup is doing but this could have been a terrible accident!

And just think, it could have been your CHILD that disappeared!

Kids get bored and do things that they should not do. Please let your kids know that a terrible accident could happen and actually, if no one is with the person or pet, you would never know where to look for them!

Happy Birthday wishes go out to DeeLee Hustad, her birthday was on February 10th! DeLee is also on the ballot for the Water board and we wish her the very best of luck. DeLee is also Vice Chair of the Fire Board with Rob Esaias presiding as Chairman.

Long time St. Marie Resident Hugh Frankson has been appointed to the vacancy on the Fire Board.

Mom always said to take your Vitamin D. Well, Scientists from Israel have accumulated convincing evidence that vitamin D supplements can help patients with covid-19 reduce their risk of serious illness or death. So there you go!

We hope you all had a great Valentines Day!


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