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Stan Ozark, Ward 1 Alderman

Editor's Note: The Courier sent the same questions to both candidates for the Ward 1 election. Candidate Adam Hooper declined to participate.

Current age? 52

How long have you lived in Glasgow? "I have lived in Glasgow for 30 years, but my entire life has been in Nashua and Glasgow."

Why should voters pick you?

"I could use that old phrase, 'experience.' I have spent eight years on the City Council and feel I have done a really fair job in representing the citizens and taxpayers of Glasgow. I think experience is a lot. It brings a lot to the table in the sense that you are familiar with the budgets and the departments. Each and every day, when something comes up with the city, you are able to tackle that issue with the knowledge that you've [accumulated] serving eight years on the council. I would say experience is my biggest attribute."

What experience do you bring to the table?

"Eight years on the council. And, my community involvement is pretty extensive. I have served in many organizations -- president of the Glasgow Chamber, President of Two Rivers Economic Growth. I am currently the president of the Francis Mahon Deaconess Hospital Board of Directors. Statewide, I have served on the Montana Tourism Advisory Council, appointed by two governors to the position. I have served on the Montana Heritage Commission, and I was also elected on the county level as Valley County Public Administrator, and served in that position for about two years before resigning that to run -- and I was elected -- as part of the Valley County Government Review Commission that made some changes that we now see in Valley County Government."

What is the biggest issue facing Glasgow Ward 1 right now, and how will you tackle it?

"We are elected by Ward, but I look at it with a city-wide perspective. I don't concentrate just on a ward. I think the same issues are out there every year. What do city residents talk about a lot? Conditions of city streets. I think we have made some changes to that, pushing more funds towards improvements of city streets. I think the whole city council has been thinking outside th box to find some more money to fix city streets. Streets are a big deal. With the water issue, I think the city is really being proactive in moving forward with some of the improvements we have made with the water treatment plant in the last couple of years. Now, we are moving forward with a retrofit of the city's main water transmission line, which will secure water for the city of Glasgow for another generation. Those, I would say are the biggest issues, but streets are the one people complain about [most]. Also, the Glasgow Police Department had some issues, and that is a work in progress."

If elected, what will be the focus of your office from day one?

"Day to day, just making sure Glasgow government works. Local government is here for the citizens and is here to provide services to make Glasgow an enjoyable place to live and a fair place to live with good infrastructure. That is where I go with it, making sure I am thinking about the city every day -- 'what can I do to improve the services the city provides.'"

How will you work with the other council members and the mayor to get stuff done?

"As far as the last eight years, I have had a really good relationship with the current mayor who is leaving. And, the two candidates for mayor are both long term friends of mine. I have known Rod for over 40 years. Todd and I have worked with at the radio station and I have known him for many years. The relationships I have built during my 30 years in Glasgow with the people on the city council is something I would consider a pretty big attribute of mine."

Anything else you would like voters to know about you?

"I think I am an open book. I live here with my family. I am going to stay here. If elected, I will continue to work every day that I can to make Glasgow a better place to live."


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