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911 Calls Sept. 25 through Oct. 2, 2021

There were six animal control calls, five motor vehicle stops, five dog/cat control calls, three reports for record, two assists to citizens and one inspection.

Saturday, Sept. 25

• 0026 – Caller would like an officer to respond to her house. She says her house window was broken out sometime between 1130 and midnight.

• 0858 – Caller wanted to speak to an officer about her ex-boyfriend. He was in town last night and apparently was at a house drinking not far from where the caller was staying. She stated she has had problems with the ex-boyfriend in the past, and doesn't want him calling her and harassing her. She stated the only reason she answered the phone was because she thought it could have been one of her family members. The number came up "no caller id." Notified an officer who will call when het gets back in the office.

• 1128 – A male called in requesting an officer for a male subject who was causing a disturbance. He states the subject was staying at a hotel but they have kicked him out. At first the male refused to leave. He has since left. The caller states further that this subject trashed his room and last night he was screaming and this upset some patrons. An officer advised the subject did not trash the room but did leave some garbage in the room. He is going to the train station to talk to this subject now. The officer advised he told this individual that he has to stay at the train depot, and if he has any more dealings with him or any other complaints, he will be going to jail.

• 1242 – A female called to state there is a man stripping down to his underwear and getting verbal. She advised he seems disoriented and agitated. She stated she believes officers were just there looking for him.

• 1858 – A female called in stating she has received threats from an individual. She would like to speak to an officer about this. 2154 – A deputy serving a no contact letter. Per the deputy, both parties served.

• 2231 – Caller reporting he hit a deer. Deer is still alive. Vehicle is drivable.

• 2254 – Caller is reporting a car went and turned around in the cul-de-sac and came whizzing by her place and it sounded like something hit her car with a thump. She went and looked but didn't see anything or any damage.

Monday, Sept. 27

• 1510 – A male caller requested extra patrol. About 10-15 minutes ago there was a man looking over his backyard fence. The RP went outside and the man took off running north through an empty lot but then circled back south. He was told by the school they were also having issues with this subject.

• 1737 – Caller wanted to get a no contact order against his ex. He said the ex keeps sending him harassing text messages concerning their parenting plan.

• 1804 – Caller reported a young male that's behind the old MDU building. The subject is carrying on and on and rattling on and on. RP is at his shop.

Tuesday, Sept. 28

• 1035 – Local business called in for a vehicle that pulled off without paying for $13.44 in fuel charges. Owner of vehicle stated tried to pay with phone and it didn't scan as it usually does. He has gone and paid for the fuel.

Wednesday, Sept. 29

• 1343 – A male called in stating right before he went into the hospital, he had a vehicle. A male came to his house and told him he owed money on the vehicle and was going to take his truck. He told him no. He then went into his house to get something. At this time the other male jumped into his truck and took off with it. He states he was in the hospital for a long time. He has since found out that the truck broke down by Kalispell. He got a call from the yard where the vehicle was towed to and they told him he needed to report this to LE for them to be able to do anything about it.

• 1348 – Per LRFD FC request notified RCSO dispatch for mutual aid. A female called in a brush fire she can see from her house. She believes it is to the east of her maybe three miles off the road. LRFD called in stating they are at the end of the road and the only smoke he sees is coming from the fire from Lustre that Roosevelt County is handling right now. He advised to cancel all units responding to this fire. Called RCSO dispatch and advised them to cancel mutual aid as this is a fire they are already handling in the Lustre area. He said it is a pretty big fire there. • 1454 – Fire truck is back in the barn. 1526 – RCSO dispatch called in to request mutual aid on a fire by Lustre. Called LRFD FC and she advised to page out NFD, Wiota and to page out LRFD for a tender and a grass truck. 2045 – trucks back at the barn.

• 1532 – A female called in stating she has had two employees have incidents with a subject in the last couple weeks. She states last week an employee was driving. He came up over the hill and saw a male walking his two dogs. He slowed way down and went into the other lane, went past him. The employee thought the male wanted to talk to him so he stopped his truck to speak to him. The male began cursing at him terribly. The employee then left. The male walking his dogs called the office, spoke to the RP and ended up threatening her over this incident. She states yesterday she had to send the employee back out there to do some more work. He came upon the male who had his truck parked on the side of the road, videoing the employee. The RP wants to speak to an officer in case the male does do something like he has been threatening to.

• 1751 – Caller said he already spoke with an officer about a vehicle that's hot rodding around. He requested dispatch let the officer know the vehicle is a business. Advised the officer, who already located the vehicle and said everything is "10-4."

Thursday, Sept. 30

• 0812 – Caller reported a vehicle that has been driving at a high rate of speed. She said this started the day before yesterday but she just witnessed it yesterday, her neighbor was the one who saw it the day before. She stated she saw it at 1600, 1630 and 2030 yesterday. She would just like the person talked to but if that doesn't help then she will write out a statement. Officer notified, he said he spoke with the driver yesterday. He will watch for the vehicle today and if it continues, they will be cited.

• 1352 – A male called in stating there is a fire approximately 20 miles north of Hinsdale. He is en route to try and find the fire but can see the smoke. He doesn't know how big it is. Notified LRFD FC. She requested LRFD be paged out due to the wind. HFD advised to cancel LRFD. They have been in touch with their guys up in the area. They said the fire is out. The will proceed to make sure the fire is out.

Friday, Oct. 1

• 0628 – A female called in and stated she witnessed a car hit and kill a black cow and drive off. She also stated she is currently blocking off traffic. Another female called in at 0630 stating she had just hit a cow a couple minutes ago. Notified owner of the cow being out and struck.

• 1115 – A store manager called in stating there was an altercation between a customer and an associate this morning at 0737. He states this is not the first time she has caused an issue in the store. HR has gotten involved now and they want a no trespass order given to her. He wants to speak to an officer about this incident.

• 1557 – Supervisor for a business said they had an employee quit the job sometime ago. The employee is refusing to give back his employee ID badge, which is a photo ID. He also is refusing to give back his uniforms. Higher ups want law enforcement involved because these items could potentially be used for something criminal. The RP stated he is off duty and at his house but would like an officer to come talk to him.

Saturday, Oct. 2

• 0313 – Caller reporting a car sitting in the lot, running, has its lights on and is in reverse. It has been running for an hour at least. RP said the car was there for two hours. People got out, locked it and possibly went into the bar. An officer spoke to the vehicle owner. He gave the officer permission to put it in park, turn the vehicle off and throw the keys on the floor. The officer said this is the best option.

• 1705 – A female called in wanting to know if there is a controlled burn north of St. Marie. She said they can see smoke, she can't tell how far away it is. RP called back and said it is a haystack on fire. She can see people going there but doesn't know if they can handle this or not. 1727 – STMC advised to cancel LRFD as this is a debris fire that got away a little bit. He stated they can handle.

• 2250 – Bar employee reporting an altercation and the guy is leaving. He has a pocket knife. Per an officer both involved left. An officer will be checking on someone else with bloody knuckles out front. UTL on suspects. Also out talking to a very intoxicated person and trying to figure out how to get him home for the night. Per an officer, the guy with the knife did not threaten anyone. He was just in the bar with it. No one knew who he was. Officers UTL on him.


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