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Oh Dog, Where Art Thou?

UPDATE 4 p.m. Oct. 15. Dog Came Home!

Out the front door, Mr. Pup-Pup did dash,

Little legs whirring, he was gone in a flash.

The hours went by, yet he did not return,

He's no cold weather dog, when will he learn?

Now a day later, that sure went fast,

Perhaps from a stranger, a net was cast.

Has he survived out there so cold?

Or is he safe in a lap? I haven't been told.

Better with a stranger than frozen on the streets,

Because then, someday, again we could meet.

If you come home, there will be plenty of treats,

And I will rub your ears, tender and sweet.

Then you can bark at the strangers down on the street.

Your stinky old blanket still lies on the couch,

Waiting for you to come home, upon it to crouch.

Your food bowl is full, your water is too,

Looking at them both, how I miss you.

Took you in as a pup, you were small as a can,

Raised you right up, you're the best friend of man.

Now you're full grown, but missing from home,

Come back to me buddy, no longer to roam.

Dedicated to "Dog," my missing chihuahua, Oct. 13, 2021

LAST SEEN: 8:15 a.m. Tuesday, Oct. 12 at the intersection of 2nd Avenue South and 5th Street South. He slipped out of his collar, which held his ID tags.

AGE: 18-months.

DESCRIPTION: Short Hair, Light Brown in color (solid). Weighs about 10-pounds soaking wet.

Please call Chris at 406-228-9302 if you see him, or know of his current whereabouts. Our family is eager for his return. Monetary award available.


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