By Chris McDaniel
The Courier 

'Where Did You Dig Up That Old Fossil?'

Valley County an Untapped Dinosaur Treasure Trove


September 8, 2021

Courier Photo by Chris McDaniel

Paloentologists from the Badlands Dinosaur Museum of Dickinson of North Dakota have been in Valley County the last few months digging up the remains of ancient dinosaurs. Seen here at a remote dig site from left are Alyssa Wiegers, Marcello Toscanini, Dr. Denver Fowler and Steven Clawson.

Out in the Badlands of Valley County lie the last remains of a herd of duck-billed dinosaurs. No one knows for sure how the little group of Hadrosaurids met their end.

But, paleontologists from the Badlands Dinosaur Museum of Dickinson, North Dak...

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