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August 18, 2021

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There were 24 motor vehicle stops, three inspection requests, one assist other agency requests, two hazards, five animal control calls, 10 dog/cat control calls, three parking violations, 13 accidental/prank dials, one alarm/business call, two assist citizen/public assists and one system trouble report.


• 2231 – A man reported that he works for the railroad. There's a train parked above the underpass that's leaking fuel into the underpass. He said there appears to be a crack in the fuel tank. He already called BN. He's going to call the train master. An officer advised that he's on the north side. He requested a deputy on the south side of the underpass to block traffic. The officer said it's a class 2 leak (just dripping). Also advised BN of of this and asked them not to move the train at the responders' request. Also notified DES1 of this. 2334 – Fire command advised the situation has been turned over to BNSF.


• 0031 – RP said a female is drunk and is across the street from her screaming, yelling and being hateful. . RP said she has had the female's children since they were little and she is free to see them when sober, but the female always comes around when she's drunk. She'd like an officer to drive by. She thinks that will make the female stop. Notified a deputy who asked to call Tribal. Called RCSO to request a Tribal officer and their dispatcher said two Tribal officers were on their way over there. Asked if they wanted a Valley County deputy to help and she said, "No, they've got this."

• 1342 – A woman reported their vehicle was just hit in a parking lot. She said there are no injuries and everyone is still on scene.

• 2104 – Card started at an officer's request for conditions violation.

• 2119 – A woman said she loaned her vehicle to another woman. The other woman hit a deer on the big hill east of Glasgow. No injuries. The vehicle is out of the driving lane. The caller's husband will be headed that way. She doesn't know if the deer is off the highway.

• 2129 – A woman reported that she hit a deer on HWY 24 North by Cherry Creek. No injuries but her airbag deployed. She's out of the driving lane.


• 0859 – A man reported a semi with an oversized load driving recklessly on Highway 2 westbound. He said the semi is passing when unsafe to do so and driving at a high rate of speed for the load. He felt the semi was going at least 75 MPH.

• 1032 – A man is doing road construction south of Glasgow on Highway 24S where they have it down to one lane traffic. He said people are disregarding the red light signals and going around which is creating a big issue for the workers and the pilot car when they are bringing a line of cars through. He said it help the responders this morning when thy were headed out on Highway 24S with their lights on. He requested extra patrol of the area to try to get people to stop going through the lights before the pilot car can direct them.

• 2003 – A woman said they're camping. She had stuff sitting out and on the table when they left to eat. When they returned she found that someone took over their spot. She's upset because they have company coming from out of state.

• 2049 – An officer advised that he'd be out looking for a man. The man was picked up on a probation and parole 72 hour hold.

• 2228 – The caller reported that there's an abandoned horse trailer that she doesn't believe anyone should be around. Not more than seven minutes ago, she saw flashing lights at the trailer. A deputy advised they were unable to locate anyone.


• 1312 – MHP Dispatch wanted to talk about the MVA that happened last night. As she was talking, VC dispatch through the CFS from last night and didn't find an MVA. Asked her when it was called in and she said dispatch transferred the call to them at 1147 this morning. Dispatcher told her they had been there all day and didn't transfer a call to them. She said the reporting party was on her way home from the rodeo. She stated they hit a deer. The vehicle was drivable and they took it home to Opheim. She asked if a deputy could handle this because their trooper is in a meeting all day.

• 1434 – RD911 received a call from a woman there is a man passed out in a vehicle. She stated the subject has been there for a while and the door is ope with the man partially hanging out of the vehicle. RC911 only has one officer on and he is busy in Wolf Point. Notified a deputy to respond.

• 2047 – A man wanted an officer. He reported that someone moved his camper with the slide out open. Now the slide out won't close. He's at the camper.


• 0642 – RP advised that someone with big and wide tires had destroyed the area on the dirt part of 7th Ave S. He said he cleaned up some of it, but he thinks someone from the city should deal with it so no one gets hurt. An officer advised he doesn't see any damage in this area. He will all and see what he is referencing. The officer advised this is more about the fence that was damaged. He is going to call the city and see if they want to fix it.

• 1001 – McCone County dispatched called in to request assistance with a grass fire approximately 20 miles south of west end campground.

• 1358 – Received a call from a woman who stated she just witnessed a male in a white pickup back into a car and then just took off. She states the car is now following the pickup. While on the phone with the RP, the RO of the car called in he was behind the pickup and stated he was honking his horn but the person in the truck is not stopping. 1404 – A deputy advised she is behind the suspect vehicle with her lights on and sire and doing a slow roll still on US HWY 2. 1407 – Advised she has an officer behind her and the vehicle is still not stopping. 1408 – Advised they are stopped.

• 1421 – A woman called in stating someone just hit her vehicle in a parking lot.

• 1506 – A woman called in stating there is a UPS truck parked in front of her residence and it has been there for at least 20 minutes. They have gone out and walked around the truck and looked around and do not see a driver around. She would like someone to come check and make sure the this person is not locked in the back or something has happened to them inside the truck. 1514 – She called in stating the driver came out of a house and is fine.

• 1808 – A man reported his trailer came off of his pickup and went down into the ditch. He said he got it well off the roadway and will come back to get it tomorrow. He stated there wasn't any damage to his vehicle but the trailer is totaled.

• 1844 – Received a call from a woman who reported a fire west of Golden Valley Road. She couldn't give any more details on the location as her son just wen tout there and then called her. She said it was started by a lightning strike. 1851 – Opheim called to advise they are en route. 1910 – Opheim FD – they spoke with the responder's wife who said they fire is out, they are headed back to base.

• 1917 – Two officers received a report of a gas drive off.

• 2001 – A woman stated another woman commented on a TikTok video the caller posted today and then reported the video which got taken down. The caller feels this is a violation of the protection order she has against the woman. 2008 – An officer advised he has arrested one adult female and will be bringing her in shortly.

• 2222 – An officer told a man to update the address he was staying at and not to be out after 10 p.m.

• 2235 – A man advised he had his four wheeler parked n the side of the road on Wednesday night. The four wheeler was missing when he went out there on Thursday morning. He stated the keys were in it when he left it along the road. He will come in tomorrow and sign it stolen. HE stated he spoke with the deputies at the derby tonight about this.

• 2256 – Male RP requested a fire truck for a porch that was on fire. He and the resident brought a hose around from the back and managed to put the fire out but he wants a truck to come out to check to see if the fire might be in the foundation. Fire Command will be fine with one engine, the fire is out, just going to cool it down where it is hot.

• 2258 – Two officers checked out with an open storage unit. Advised they tried to shut the door but it is nonfunction. Will give the owner a call and let him know.


• 0621 – RP called and said there was a small fire at the crossing at Larb Creek Road. He said there is a small flame visible. He also said he can see a rail inspector coming down the RR. Called BNSF and reported this fire. Was asked if dispatch had dispatched a fire truck yet. Dispatch said now because there's a rail inspector about a mile west of the fire. BNSF said she'd talk to her dispatcher and let them decide about calling out a fire truck.

• 0704 – A woman called in stating she just went by a car with the front end all smashed in and the bumper is in the road. She stated there are two subjects in the vehicle and they may be sleeping. She thinks they may have hit a deer. A deputy advised she patrolled and was UTL on this vehicle.

• 0851 – A woman called in stating they just had an altercation at a gas station and "it wasn't pretty." Both have left. An officer stated it appears they left and had a fight somewhere else.

• 1655 – A woman reported that she received a call from a local number with a local man's name on it. She said she answered it because it is a local number and a local person but when she answered it the person was talking about a charge to her Amazon account. She said this charge is $1200 for a phone. She will all her back on Monday and make them aware of the call she received.

• 1714 – A man reported he is missing a dirt bike. He said it was there a few days ago but then someone told him it was gone. He went out today to heck and it is missing. He will come come in and sign the paperwork in the next half hour.

• 2229 – Out talking with people in a field. Just picking up bales while it is cool at night.

• 2357 – A woman called in requesting an officer come to her house. She stated that a male was tapping on her son's window trying to get her sone to sneak out. She stated they were trying to get some sleep.


• 0828 – RCSO dispatch requested an officer to take a report on a stolen vehicle.

• 1442 – A deputy picked up a woman's wallet from another deputy who found it at the fairgrounds last night. He went to the woman's to drop it off but there was no answer. Wallet is now at dispatch. Called the woman to let her know the wallet is there. She will come and get it.

• 1603 – A man called in stating he just got on the train. He left his phone on the bench at the station. He is on his way to Williston but if his phone is found he will drive back and get it. An officer dropped the phone off at dispatch. Called the man and he said he would come get it.


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