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Valley County Reaches Zero Active COVID-19 Cases

About 895 Have Recovered Since Onset of Pandemic

Valley County residents can breath a sigh of relief with the latest news from the Valley County Health Department. As of June 14, there were zero active cases of COVID-19 within the county.

To date, 895 persons have recovered from the disease or are no longer infectious. There have been a total of 913 confirmed cases here, with 18 deaths reported.

Of those infected, 64 individuals have been hospitalized.

Statewide, there have been about 1,643 deaths from COVID-19 to date. Nine Montanans have died from COVID-19 since June 8.

Key findings from March 2020 through March 2021:

Nearly one-third (30%) of reported COVID-19 cases were among persons aged 30–49 years, 25% were among persons aged 50–69 years and 22% were among persons aged 18–29 years. Beginning in July 2020, the monthly incidence of COVID-19 was consistently higher among persons aged 18–29 and 30–49 years compared to other age groups. For every 1,000 reported cases of COVID-19 there were 46 persons hospitalized and 14 deaths in Montana.

Valley County had 18 deaths from 902 cases of COVID-19, so we are above the state death rate. We have achieved zero cases for the first time since July 2020 due to the people who have been vaccinated. Please get vaccinated at our walk-in clinics every Wednesday in June and July starting at 4pm.

With cases in apparent decline, health officials still urge those who have not received COVID-19 vaccinations to do so.

The eligible population to be vaccinated in Valley County is 6,313 persons. There are about 2,280 persons fully vaccinated for COVID-19, which gives Valley County a vaccination rate of 36.1% fully vaccinated.


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