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Dear Editor,

My name is Connie Sharp. I live in Glasgow MT and I am a caregiver. I've been doing home care work since 2013, but before that I worked as a CNA in nursing homes. All told I've been a caregiver for close to 30 years.

Caregiving is a challenging occupation because of the physical, mental and emotional affects that come with the job. It's physically hard because we are using our bodies as a physical assistance device in helping our clients with getting out of bed, toileting and any other mobility task. The work is also mentally and emotionally stressful because we're constantly afraid of losing hours. Most of us are still living paycheck to paycheck, and some months it feels like we're just treading water. I'm doing the work of multiple professional people, but only paid a fraction of what they are worth.

At the height of the pandemic caregivers were praised as heroes, but more often than not we're treated like we are a dime a dozen. Our clients deserve better from our elected officials in Helena. You clapped – Now act. We need your support in HB632 with provider rate increases, essential worker bonuses, and caregiver wage increases.


Connie Sharp


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