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"DABS" Send Teens to Hospital

The Glasgow Police Department is investigating the origin of highly concentrated THC oils—commonly called DABS—that sent four Glasgow teens to the hospital on April 2 after they smoked the oils.

According to a press release from Chief of Police Brien Gault, officers arrived at a southside Glasgow home Friday afternoon after a 911 call indicated the teens were unresponsive from possible drug use.

“The Officer was advised that there were four unresponsive juveniles at the location that had ingested drugs possibly laced with an unknown substance. Upon the Officer’s arrival, all four juveniles were located inside the garage and were responsive,” wrote the Chief.  

Gault also added that the homeowner had been home at the time and had allegedly been aware that the teens were in the garage. The release was not clear on whether the homeowner knew the kids were using drugs.

The youth were assessed by paramedics on the scene, and one was taken to the hospital via ambulance and a second was taken by private vehicle according to Gault. All four were eventually released to their parents or guardians.

“Upon further investigation it was learned that the four juveniles had ingested marijuana oil called (DABS). DABS are a very high concentrate of THC (90+%) derived from marijuana oils that are heated and smoked,” wrote Gault. “The Glasgow Police Department is investigating the incident in conjunction with the Valley County Attorney’s Office for prosecution. All juveniles are expected to make a full recovery.”

The THC in DABS is derived from marijuana which was legalized by referendum last year and became legal on January 1, 2021. Regardless of its legality, the sale of THC is still a legal gray area in the state. It is also illegal for even authorized sellers to sell to persons under 21 years of age and for those under 21 to consume.


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