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Valley County COVID Update

As of 3/01/2021 at 6:15 p.m. the following was Valley County’s COVID-19 status.

A good faith effort to protect individuals from the spread of coronavirus is expected of all Montanans. This is accomplished by following clear public health guidelines and these prevention measures:

*Wearing a mask or two layer face covering in public at all times.

*Remaining 6 feet away from persons who are not members of your household to socially distance.

*Frequently using hand sanitizer and sanitizing surfaces.

Please do your part to protect each other!

Active cases: 20

Recovered cases: 806

Total cases: 837

Death due to COVID-19 and/or COVID-19 complications: 11

 13 positive persons since our last report on 2/23/2020 -- Cases 825 - 837


Age less than 10: 4

10-19: 2 20-29: 1

30-39: 3 40-49: 0

50-59: 0 60-69: 1

70-79: 2 80-89: 0

90-99: 0

 Female: 5 Male: 8

With our 837 cases, we have had 59 persons hospitalized.

1,357 of our Montanans have died from this virus as of 3/01/2021. 11 Montanans have died in six (6) days since our last update on 2/23/2021.

 COVID-19 Vaccination rate for Valley County:

Eligible population fully vaccinated with two doses of COVID-19 vaccine: 8.5%

 At Valley County Health Department, our efforts at COVID-19 prevention are to accomplish these three equally important goals:

*Protect the Vulnerable (elderly/compromised immune system/other underlying health conditions).

*Keep the Students in School

*Keep the Adults at Work


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