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Grapplers Looking Forward to Tournament

Two Weeks Left in Regular Season


February 10, 2021

Gwendolyne Honrud

Mayson Phipps pins Wolf Point's Charlie Page in the Glasgow wrestlers' mixer on Feb. 6 in the Dog Pound. Phipps is expected to be a prominent player in the Scotties' postseason.

The Scottie wrestling team has improvised, adapted and overcome this seasons, with all its COVID-related challenges. With only a few weeks left in the regular season, team members are keeping their eyes on their goals of improving each week, with the unstated goal of earning another state title.

Coach Jory Casterline was pleased with his team's performance over the last week, after a less-than-stellar performance by the team the week prior. Though injuries and illnesses have played a part in the season, Casterline said, "We're getting healthy." Cooper Larson returned this past week from an injury and Kyler Hallock was back after illness, but Shaylynn Pedersen, the pioneer of Glasgow's girls wrestling, will miss the remainder of the season due to injury.

And though the team is getting healthy, Casterline said there is room for improvement yet. Larson and his coach had similar thoughts on the grappler's return to the mat. Casterline said the senior needs some more mat time and to work on his timing. Larson said he felt pretty good being back, "but definitely felt like I lacked some awareness from being out for a couple of weeks." The Glasgow coach is looking for his 182-pound man to get right back since "he has some big matches coming up next week."

Also back on the mat after an illness-related hiatus was Kyler Hallock. Casterline said he rested Hallock a bit, but he is looking back to normal form. Hallock said, "I'm feeling great and it felt great to be back out there. I got good matches this coming Tuesday [and am] looking forward to them."

Hallock and Larson both had wins by forfeit in the Poplar dual on Feb. 2. In the Dog Pound, Hallock had two wins by fall, one on Friday against Chance Smith of Wolf Point and one on Saturday against Colter Ball of Fort Benton. Larson took four wins by fall over the weekend. He defeated Wolf Point's Smith and Mason Garfield on Friday and Fort Benton's Damian Ort and Hayden Axtmen on Saturday.

Though the two did not wrestle in against Poplar or Circle on Feb. 2, Glasgow took decisive wins in both duals. The Scotties beat Poplar 63-6 and defeated Circle 54-15. Glasgow turned in similar impressive performances at home, going 18-3 in a quad against Baker, Malta and Wolf Point on Friday, followed by a 16-3 appearance on Saturday in a Mixer against Fort Benton/Big Sandy and Wolf Point. The Wolves replaced Whitehall on Saturday, who cancelled their first-ever wrestling trip to Glasgow after a winter storm.

The Scotties have only two weeks left in the regular season before hosting the first-ever Eastern B/C Super Divisional Wrestling Tournament Feb. 26-27. But no one should expect the last two weeks to be easy ones for Glasgow. "I tell you what, out schedule is loaded from here on out," Casterline said. The Scotties will face Havre, Cut Bank, Huntley Project, Miles City, Sidney, Poplar, Lewistown and Fairfield before the Super Divisional. "So we've got a lot of good wrestling left on on our schedules," said the coach. "It's tough wrestling too, so that's good, that's what we need."

Casterline's competitors are looking forward to the challenges left for them. Colten Fast, undefeated this season in B/C, said, "I'm excited to wrestle Huntley because I wasn't there for the first dual against them. Huntley will be tough and Sidney of course will be pretty tough." Damien Nesbitt, who is thrilled to be back in the Glasgow wrestling room where "the competition in the room is fierce," said that while his biggest challenge this year has been his mentality, he wants, "to work on conditioning and getting physically and mentally ready for divisionals and state."

The Scotties will look to improve on their overall 14-4 dual record this week. The team traveled to Havre on Feb. 11 to face the Blue Ponies and Cut Bank Wolves. Glasgow will play host to Broadus, Chinook and Forsyth on Friday, Feb. 12, for a quad beginning at 5 p.m. The mats will stay on the floors for a triangular on Saturday, Feb. 13. Glasgow vs. Huntley Project begins at 2 p.m., followed by Huntley Project vs. Miles City at 3:15 p.m. Miles City vs. Glasgow will begin at 4:30 p.m.

Glasgow vs Poplar

Dual Meet Summary

Official: Poplar

103 Adkins, Damon (Glasgow) defeated Forfeit (Poplar) === {Forfeit} (Score: 6-0)

113 Kuka, Jake (Glasgow) defeated Gorder, Jazmin (Poplar) === {Fall 2:30} (Score: 12-0)

126 Fredrick, Jase (Poplar) defeated Boland, Dawson (Glasgow) === {Fall 3:35} (Score: 12-6)

132 Ost, Alex (Glasgow) defeated Reum, Kameron (Poplar) === {Fall 1:50} (Score: 18-6)

138 Donaldson, Mason (Glasgow) defeated Forfeit (Poplar) === {Forfeit} (Score: 24-6)

145 Nesbitt, Devon (Glasgow) defeated Smith, Kaelen (Poplar) === {Decision 10-5} (Score:


152 Fast, Colten (Glasgow) defeated Berg, Gage (Poplar) === {Fall 0:22} (Score: 33-6)

160 Nesbitt, Damien (Glasgow) defeated Boadle, Logan (Poplar) === {Fall 2:27} (Score: 39-6)

170 Hallock, Kyler (Glasgow) defeated Forfeit (Poplar) === {Forfeit} (Score: 45-6)

182 Larson, Cooper (Glasgow) defeated Forfeit (Poplar) === {Forfeit} (Score: 51-6)

205 Nieskens, Dylan (Glasgow) defeated Forfeit (Poplar) === {Forfeit} (Score: 57-6)

285 Phipps, Mayson (Glasgow) defeated Forfeit (Poplar) === {Forfeit} (Score: 63-6)

Final Score: 63 - 6

Glasgow vs Circle

Dual Meet Summary

Official: Circle

103 Adkins, Damon (Glasgow) defeated Forfeit (Circle) === {Forfeit} (Score: 6-0)

113 Kuka, Jake (Glasgow) defeated Wenz, Levi (Circle) === {Fall 2:24} (Score: 12-0)

120 Norton, Cierra (Circle) defeated Forfeit, (Glasgow) === {Forfeit} (Score: 12-6)

126 Boland, Dawson (Glasgow) defeated Forfeit (Circle) === {Forfeit} (Score: 18-6)

126 Boland, Dawson (Glasgow) defeated Richardson, Grady (Circle) === {Fall 5:44} (Score:


132 Stormer, Krayle (Circle) defeated Ost, Alex (Glasgow) === {Fall 0:51} (Score: 18-12)

138 Donaldson, Mason (Glasgow) defeated Bartleson, Bryson (Circle) === {Decision 8-4}

(Score: 21-12)

145 Casterline, Canyon (Circle) defeated Nesbitt, Devon (Glasgow) === {Decision 6-0} (Score:


152 Fast, Colten (Glasgow) defeated Becker, Cole (Circle) === {Fall 2:24} (Score: 27-15)

160 Nesbitt, Damien (Glasgow) defeated Taylor, Jaron (Circle) === {Decision 5-3} (Score:


170 Hallock, Kyler (Glasgow) defeated Forfeit (Circle) === {Forfeit} (Score: 36-15)

182 Larson, Cooper (Glasgow) defeated Forfeit (Circle) === {Forfeit} (Score: 42-15)

205 Nieskens, Dylan (Glasgow) defeated Forfeit (Circle) === {Forfeit} (Score: 48-15)

285 Phipps, Mayson (Glasgow) defeated Forfeit (Circle) === {Forfeit} (Score: 54-15)

Final Score: 54 - 15

Glasgow in Glasgow Quad

Tournament Summary

103 Adkins, Damon (Glasgow) def. Lingel, Jaren (Baker) === {Fall 4:24}

103 Davis, Riley (Baker) def. Adkins, Damon (Glasgow) === {Tech Fall 17-1}

113 Kuka, Jake (Glasgow) def. Davis, Riley (Baker) === {Fall 1:55}

113 Kuka, Jake (Glasgow) def. Lingle, Jaron (Baker) === {Fall 1:35}

126 Boland, Dawson (Glasgow) def. Reed, Samantha (Wolf Point) === {Fall 1:23}

126 Mikesell, Cameron (Malta) def. Boland, Dawson (Glasgow) === {Decision 7-4}

132 Miller, Teegan (Baker) def. Ost, Alex (Glasgow) === {Fall 5:58}

132 Steen, Donnie (Baker) def. Ost, Alex (Glasgow) === {Fall 1:58}

138 Donaldson, Mason (Glasgow) def. Gilkerson, Shawn (Malta) === {Maj Dec 9-0}

138 Donaldson, Mason (Glasgow) def. Kemp, Xavier (Wolf Point) === {Fall 1:32}

152 Fast, Colten (Glasgow) def. Degrand, Tarin (Baker) === {Fall 1:55}

152 Degrand, Tarin (Baker) def. Fast, Morgan (Glasgow) === {Decision 6-0}

160 Nesbitt, Damien (Glasgow) def. Mears, Camryn (Malta) === {Fall 3:50}

160 Nesbitt, Damien (Glasgow) def. Brawley, Jesse (Baker) === {Fall 3:26}

170 Hughes, Austin (Glasgow) def. Dulin, Sophia (Baker) === {Fall 0:34}

182 French, Colt (Malta) def. Nickels, Ethan (Glasgow) === {Decision 6-0}

182 Larson, Cooper (Glasgow) def. Smith, Chance (Wolf Point) === {Fall 0:34}

182 Larson, Cooper (Glasgow) def. Garfield, Mason (Wolf Point) === {Fall 5:15}

182 Hallock, Kyler (Glasgow) def. Smith, Chance (Wolf Point) === {Fall 1:05}

182 Nickels, Ethan (Glasgow) def. Bushman, Josh (Wolf Point) === {Fall 4:37}

205 Nieskens, Dylan (Glasgow) def. Gallegos, Marcos (Baker) === {Fall 5:55}

205 Nieskens, Dylan (Glasgow) def. Davis, Jordan (Wolf Point) === {Fall 0:42}

285 Kittleson, Kohl (Glasgow) def. Keeling, Jaden (Malta) === {Fall 1:50}

285 Phipps, Mayson (Glasgow) def. Page, Charlie (Wolf Point) === {Fall 3:01}

Glasgow in Glasgow Mixer

Tournament Summary

103 Adkins, Damon (Glasgow) def. O'Hara, Trevor (For Benton) === {Fall 3:06}

113 Kuka, Jake (Glasgow) def. O'Hara, Trevor (Fort Benton) === {Fall 2:22}

138 Bold, Reinhard (Fort Benton) def. Donaldson, Mason (Glasgow) === {Fall 3:42}

145 Genereux, Bayley (Fort Benton) def. Donaldson, Mason (Glasgow) === {Fall 1:48}

145 Nesbitt, Devon (Glasgow) def. Genereux, Bayley (Fort Benton) === {Fall 2:42}

152 Nesbitt, Devon (Glasgow) def. Ball, Cade (Fort Benton) === {Fall 1:28}

152 Fast, Colten (Glasgow) def. Ball, Cade (Fort Benton) === {Fall 2:40}

170 Hughes, Austin (Glasgow) def. Ball, Colter (Fort Benton) === {Fall 5:19}

170 Hallock, Kyler (Glasgow) def. Ball, Colter (Fort Benton) === {Fall 1:55}

182 Larson, Cooper (Glasgow) def. Ort, Damian (Fort Benton) === {Fall 1:40}

182 Larson, Cooper (Glasgow) def. Axtman, Hayden (Fort Benton) === {Fall 3:52}

205 Hanford, Brock (Fort Benton) def. Kittleson, Kohl (Glasgow) === {Fall 4:38}

205 Nieskens, Dylan (Glasgow) def. Davis, Jordan (Wolf Point) === {Fall 0:58}

205 Nickels, Ethan (Glasgow) def. Smith, Chance (Wolf Point) === {Fall 3:11}

205 Nieskens, Dylan (Glasgow) def. Smith, Chance (wolf Point) === {Fall 0:31}

205 Nickels, Ethan (Glasgow) def. Davis, Jordan (Wolf Point) === {Fall 1:34}

285 Phipps, Mayson (Glasgow) def. Page, Charlie (Wolf Point) === {Fall 1:20}

285 Phipps, Mayson (Glasgow) def. Hanford, Brock (Fort Benton) === {Fall 1:52}

285 Kittleson, Kohl (Glasgow) def. Page, Charlie (Wolf Point) === {Fall 2:27}


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