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County Health Dept. Issues Guidance During Phase 2

As Montana enters in Phase Two of the Reopening the Big Sky Plan, the Valley County Health Department has released the following guidance for events held in the county for workers, volunteers and attendees.

Workers, volunteers, and attendees participate in the event at their own risk.

Each event plan should address each recommendation:

Social distancing of six feet between persons or household groups is always recommended.

Masks are recommended for all volunteers or employees assisting with the event.

Frequent hand hygiene using hand sanitizer or hand washing is recommended. Alcohol hand sanitizer of 60 percent or greater must be available in quantities adequate for all workers and attendees.

Signage of the safety measures is required by the Governor’s May 19, 2020 directive:

Signage must be posted with the following or substantially similar wording:

“Patrons with fever, shortness of breath, a cough, or other COVID-19 symptoms must refrain from using this facility.”

Signs shall be positioned for effective visual observation by patrons, such as on the entry way door.

Events of greater than 50 people

All persons are encouraged to maintain physical distancing of six feet between household members throughout the entire event.

Efforts to eliminate contact between groups of 50 should be made by the event planners. Each group of 50 should have access to bathrooms, concessions, and hand sanitizer without physically mingling with another group of 50.

If reconvening the next day, the same individuals should return to the same group of 50 persons.

Health screening of volunteers and workers is recommended.

Vulnerable persons who should not attend events:

Well people with certain medical conditions should not attend.

Anyone who is currently not well should stay home.

Persons over age 65 should not attend events.

Establish wait lines for attendees and/or customers.

As customers form lines to the ordering counter, wait lines should be established to allow for an organized separation between customers.

Utilize spacing tools to establish lanes which will provide separation of six feet between customers as they move up to and exit the counter.

Similar marking and lane lines may be needed for bathroom use.

Increased sanitation and disinfecting of surfaces, frequently touched locations, and bathrooms must be done a minimum every four hours.


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