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By Sandy Laumeyer
Just a Thought 

New Chapters Await for Those Entering College


August 22, 2018

Well, she, along with many, many others, started a whole new chapter in her life today. Actually, it’s almost like beginning a new book. One with surprises, twists and turns, breathtaking adventures all throughout the book. A book that will take years and years to finish.

This person, our granddaughter, began her college classes on her way to becoming a music teacher. She’s always had a love for music and has pursued that love by learning to play, as all students do at Nashua, the recorder. From there she took guitar and piano lessons. When it was time for her to choose an instrument in the school band, she selected the clarinet. But she also plays the saxophone and tenor saxophone.

But along with classes in her chosen field, there is so much more waiting for her to learn. Many of the lessons hidden in the wings of life are about life itself.

There are lessons in communication, tact, sharing her knowledge of a host of subjects -- quilting, cooking, baking, working with young children, being a team member in volleyball, basketball, track, weight lifting, sewing, gardening, food preservation, serving in her community and even her faith.

Leaving home for college is a major step, major transition for everyone surrounding a student. Parents find themselves no longer doing so many things for their child. Making sure they are awake, getting ready to start their day. No longer do parents find themselves reminding their child of homework that needs to be done, practice times if their child is in sports, being sure the appropriate clothing they need is clean.

Students find that having only themselves to rely on is quite probably one of their bigget lessons. Now they must keep track of everything -- appointments, bills that need to be paid and when, the next day’s lessons, class assignments, making sure they have the books and materials needed for their studies.

They will also learn that a strong sense of self-discipline is a necessity. While at home it’s easy to use parents or their rules as a reason for turning down invitations to parties or gatherings or going to an event. Now it’s different. They must learn how to extricate themselves from being or going somewhere or with someone in particular. It will also become apparent that learning to trust your natural instincts is very important. Listen to them for they will not lead you wrong.

Remembering to maintain a good grade is important because that is a requirement of many scholarships. As is remembering people they will probably never meet or know for it is because of them and their generosity that the scholarship received is possible.

Self-reliance is perhaps the first and foremost lesson to be learned by those who have graduated from high school move on to college or a job as a beginning to fulfilling hopes and dreams. And is the most difficult one.


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