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GKST Moves Into Post-Season Competition



Glasgow Kiwanis Swim Team traveled with 19 swimmers to Lewistown to compete in their final regular-season meet of the year on July 21 and 22.

According to head coach Nicole Arnold, the team had two great days of competition which will help determine what events they should swim at the divisional meet to be in Chinook July 28 and 29. Arnold said they have 32 swimmers going to Chinook and hope to have just as many heading to Conrad for the state meet the following weekend.

Leading the team with top three finishes in Lewistown were: Peyten Birkoski (25m backstroke - second), Raelee Dowden (100m butterfly - second), Trevor Johnson (50m butterfly - first, 100m butterfly - second, 50m freestyle - third), Katie Kaiser (50m freestyle/100m backstroke /400m freestyle - first), Ava Reyes (100m backstroke - third), Dalton Sand (200m individual medley/100m freestyle/100m butterfly - second), and Natosha Sand (100m butterfly - second, 400m freestyle - third).

The GKST Athlete of the Week voted on by the coaches goes to Kaylly Turner. Arnold points out that Turner is new to swim team this year and said she has been making huge strides through the course of the season. "Kaylly had a fantastic swim meet in Lewistown," she explained. "Even though the results don't showcase that."

"Every weekend she is getting that much closer to qualifying in a very difficult age group," Arnold continued. "This weekend Kaylly dropped time in two of her three individual events and swam the breaststroke nearly flawlessly in her exhibition race. One of Kaylly's greatest moments this weekend was in the 9-10 girls medley relay. Kaylly swam the backstroke for her team and got them an amazing lead for the race. The team won their heat and ended up fourth overall."

Other noteworthy performances came from Torrance Braaten, who had a huge personal best in her 200m individual medley, and her 50m butterfly. "Abigail and Adoniah (Kirchdoerfer), who competed in their second swim meet of the season," said Arnold, "showed great promise for their future swimming careers. They both took time off in almost every swim and looked technically sound doing so."

Arnold also noted that Katie Kaiser took home high-point honors for the sixth time in the senior age group and continues to stay undefeated for the season.

Team Scores

1 Lewistown 1,568.50

2 Chinook 764

3 Glendive 718.50

4 Sidney 556

5 Roundup 383.50

6 Glasgow 338

7 Harlem 334.50

8 Scobey 195

9 Malta 187

10 Plentywood 132

Individual Results

Peyten Birkoski (Girls 8 & Under)

25m freestyle –4h, 25.20

50m freestyle – 6th, 58.16

25m backstroke – 2nd, 27.81

Torrance Braaten (Girls 11-12)

200m individual medley – 8th, 4:52.36

50m butterfly – 10th, 1:00.93

Raelee Dowden (Girls 13-14)

200m individual medley – 4th, 3:14.47

100m freestyle – 9th, 1:18.22

100m butterfly – 2nd, 1:31.74

Trevor Johnson (Boys 15-19)

50m freestyle – 3rd, 27.67

50m butterfly – 1st, 31.36

100m butterfly – 2nd, 1:14.49

Katie Kaiser (Girls 15-19)

50m freestyle – 1st, 29.83

100m backstroke – 1st, 1:18.42

400m freestyle – 1st, 5:32.65

Adoniah Kirchdoerfer (Boys 9-10)

50m freestyle – 12th, 49.18

100m freestyle – 11th, 1:51.97

50m backstroke – 8th, 1:10.04

Abigail Kulczyk (Girls 11-12)

50m breaststroke – 4th, 49.37

100m freestyle – 9th, 1:26.46

50m backstroke –7th, 48.62

Nicholas Kulczyk (Boys 8 & Under)

25m backstroke – 12th, 41.39

Allie Palm (Girls 11-12)

50m freestyle – 6th, 37.69

100m freestyle – 10th, 1:26.95

50m butterfly – 4th, 46.85

Ava Reyes (Girls 13-14)

50m freestyle – 8th, 34.77

100m freestyle – 10th, 1:20.64

100m backstroke – 3rd, 1:31.95

Grace Reyes (Girls 9-10)

100m individual medley – 11th, 2:16.39

Dalton Sand (Boys 13-14)

200m individual medley – 2nd, 2:48.84

100m freestyle – 2nd, 1:05.54

100m butterfly – 2nd, 1:17.65

Natosha Sand (Girls 15-19)

100m butterfly – 4th, 1:18.10

400m freestyle – 3rd, 6:23.29

100m butterfly - 2nd, 1:34.47

Myli Swindler (Girls 9-10)

50m breaststroke – 5th, 54.49

50m backstroke – 9th, 56.16

50m butterfly – 10th, 55.65

Haylly Turner (Girls 13-14)

100m breaststroke – 5th, 1:45.42

100m freestyle - 11th, 1:30.85

200m freestyle - 7th, 3:08.46

Relay Results

Girls 9-10 100m freestyle relay – 7th, 1:25.91 (K.Turner, P. Birkoski, M. Swindler, G. Reyes)

Girls 11-12 200m freestyle relay – 6th, 2:54.09 (A. Kulczyk, T. Braaten, A. Kirchdoerfer, A. Palm)

Girls 15-19 200m freestyle relay – 1st, 2:17.03 (N. Sand, H. Turner, R. Dowden, K. Kaiser)

Girls 9-10 100m medley relay – 4th, 1:41.13 (P. Birkoski, M. Swindler, G. Reyes, K. Turner)

Girls 11-12 200m medley relay – 6th, 3:28.91 (A. Kulczyk, A. Kirchoerfer, A. Palm, T. Braaten)

Girls 15-19 200m medley relay – 2nd, 2:40.86 (K. Kaiser, H. Turner, N. Sand, A. Reyes)


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