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Carnival is Coming Back to Town

Another year, another summer with a great carnival at the Northest Montana Fair.

The Valley County Carnival Club members held a boot drive at downtown intersections on April 27, to collect funds to bring the carnival back to this summer's event. According to carnival club member Amanda Powell, over $4,500 was raised during the event."Everyone seems to be really excited for the carnival to come back this year," stated club member Louise Lemieux.

The Glasgow High School Honor Society also helped out this year as a way to earn community service hours. Not only were they collecting funds during the boot drive but they were also selling raffle tickets for cash.

With the purchase of a $20 ticket, you are entered to win cash prizes each day during the month of June. Cash prizes include $100 plus event tickets up to $250. A winner can also win more than once, as their name gets put back into the drawing. Tickets can be purchased at either Ezzie's locations, Ag-Land, Stoughies, Raider's Quickstop in Hinsdale, the Mint Bar in Opheim or by contacting Amanda Powell, 263-0813 or Nicole Cole, 263-1220. Donations are also being accepted at Fort Peck Credit Union.

All proceeds from these events will cover the expenses associated with bringing a larger, bigger and better carnival to the fair.

The Northeast Montana Fair will be July 31 through Aug. 4.


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