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Thunder Finishes Fifth in Glendive

Sand and Johnson Earn High Point, Claim Records

The Glasgow Kiwanis Swim Team took 21 athletes to Glendive July 15 and 16. Despite very hot temperatures throughout the meet, the team finished in fifth place, and several swimmers contributed with solid performances. Leading the team with first- place finishes were Abigail Kulczyk in the 50m breaststroke, Dalton Sand in all three of his events, Bergen Miller in the 100m breaststroke, Zavier Urbin in the 100m backstroke, and Trevor Johnson, who also finished first in all three of his events. With their three first-place finishes, Sand and Johnson took home high point honors in their age groups. According to head coach Nicole Arnold, the pair also broke some noteworthy records. While Sand took down the federation record in the 200m freestyle by 8.29 seconds, Johnson beat the pool record in the 100m butterfly by 1.76 seconds and improved his time in the event by nearly four seconds.

Sand is being recognized by the coaches this week as the GKST Athlete of the Meet. He swam to victory in every one of his events this weekend, including his two relay swims. In addition to taking down a federation record in his debut of the 200m freestyle, he improved his 200m individual medley time by one-and-a-half seconds.

Several swimmers dropped considerable amounts of time in their events. Kulczyk dropped more than two-and-a-half seconds in two of her events, Allie Palm dropped nearly two seconds off her time in the 50m freestyle, Tommi Prewett cut just over 1.5 seconds in two of her races, Grace Reyes improved her best time in the 25m breaststroke by almost two seconds and Urbin shaved almost three seconds off his best time in the 200m freestyle.

Other than the times cut by Johnson and Sand, the largest improvements were achieved by Myli Swindler and Haylly Turner. Turner cut 5.68 seconds off in the 50m backstroke, and Swindler took a six-second chunk out of her best time in the 100m individual medley.

The swimmers will travel to Roundup for the final regular season meet of the year July 22 and 23.

Team Results:

1 Sidney 991

2 Glendive 737

3 Lewistown 550

4 Scobey 471

5 Glasgow 361

6 Plentywood 260

7 Roundup 210

8 Malta 98

9 Harlem 28

10 Chinook 24

Individual Results:

Kira Beck (Girls 11-12): 200m individual medley, 7th, 4:09.86.

Peyton Birkoski (Girls 8 & Under): 50m freestyle, 12th, 1:02.97; 25m backstroke, 8th, 29.49.

Torrance Braaten (Girls 11-12): 50m freestyle, 10th, 53.90; 50m butterfly, 9th, 1:13.87.

Haleigh Huntsman (Girls 8 & Under): 25m breaststroke, 11th, 39.86.

Trevor Johnson (Boys 13-14): 50m freestyle, 1st, 27.79; 50m butterfly, 1st, 30.62; 100m butterfly, 1st, 1:11.34.

Abigail Kulczyk (Girls 9-10): 50m breaststroke 1st, 51.93; 50m butterfly 8th, 1:03.84.

Ben Miller (Boys 15-19): 100m freestyle 2nd, 1:08.67; 400m freestyle 3rd, 6:03.92; 100m butterfly 3rd, 1:21.49.

Bergen Miller (Boys 13-14): 50m freestyle 2nd, 34.48; 100m breaststroke 1st, 1:34.50; 100m freestyle 2nd, 1:17.63.

Allie Palm (Girls 9-10): 50m freestyle 8th, 46.37; 50m backstroke 11th, 1:08.35; 50m butterfly 9th, 1:08.25.

Tommi Prewett (Girls 11-12): 50m freestyle 5th, 37.03; 50m breaststroke 5th, 48.49; 50m backstroke 5th, 45.25.

Ava Reyes (Girls 11-12): 200m individual medley 4th, 3:30.71; 50m backstroke 6th, 46.39; 200m freestyle 3rd, 3:02.80.

Grace Reyes (Girls 8 & Under):25m breaststroke 3rd, 32.81.

Dalton Sand (Boys 11-12): 200m individual medley 1st, 2:54.67; 50m butterfly 1st, 35.64; 200m freestyle 1st, 2:28.68.

Natosha Sand (Girls 15-19): 100m freestyle 2nd, 1:18.41; 50m butterfly 3rd, 41.56; 100m butterfly 2nd,


Myli Swindler (Girls 9-10): 100m individual medley, 7th, 2:07.52; 50m breaststroke 3rd, 58.31.

Haylly Turner (Girls 11-12): 50m freestyle 9th, 43.03; 50m breaststroke 10th, 53.40; 50m backstroke 10th, 57.47.

Zavier Urbin (Boys 13-14): 100m freestyle 3rd, 1:20.90; 100m backstroke 1st, 1:39.60; 200m freestyle 2nd, 2:52.47.

Relay results:

Girls 9-10 100m freestyle relay: 2nd, 1:29.43 (M. Swindler, G. Reyes, A. Palm, A. Kulczyk)

Girls 11-12 200m freestyle relay: 3rd, 2:39.91 (H. Turner, K. Beck, T. Prewett, A. Reyes)

Boys 13-14 200m freestyles relay: 1st, 2:10.85 (D. Sand, B. Miller, T. Johnson, Z. Urbin)

Girls 9-10 100m medley relay: 4th, 1:45.42 (M. Swindler, A. Kulczyk, A. Palm, G.Reyes)

Girls 11-12 200m medley relay: 4th, 3:21.96 (T. Prewett, H. Turner, A. Reyes, T. Braaten)

Boys 13-14 200m medley relay: 1st, 2:32.48 (B. Miller, Z. Urbin, D. Sand, T. Johnson)


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