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Thunder Opens Season in Scobey

Kulczyk, Sand Stand Out

Glasgow Kiwanis Swim Team (GKST) had twenty-seven swimmers compete in their first meet of the season, June 10 and 11.

The meet was held in Scobey and the Thunder came home with a fourth-place overall finish.

Leading the team with first-place finishes in their events were DJ Rasmusan (50m freestyle, 400m freestyle), Ava Reyes (50m backstroke), and Dalton Sand (200m individual medley, 50m freestyle, 50m butterfly). With his three first-place finishes, Sand earned high-point honors in his age group at the meet.

With 90 percent of the team's athletes dropping time in their events in Scobey, head coach Nicole Arnold said, "We're bound to have another successful season."

This week's GKST athlete of the week, voted on by the coaches, goes to Abigail Kulczyk for her standout performances. Kulczyk dropped a total of 26.75 seconds in her three individual events and anchored the first-place 11-12 year-old girls medley relay.

The Thunder will be competing in Chinook this weekend, June 17 and 18, then will host their own meet in Glasgow June 24 and 25.

Individual Results

Bode Barnett (Boys 9-10) - 50m freestyle, 9th, 57.46; 100m freestyle, 7th, 2:23.39; 50m backstroke, 7th, 1:17.20.

Colter Barnett (Boys 11-12) - 50m freestyle, 2nd, 35.01; 100m freestyle, 2nd, 1:20.38.

Riley Clampitt (Girls 9-10) - 100m individual medley, 8th, 2:27.15; 50m breaststroke, 9th, 1:08.71.

Raelee Dowden (Girls 13-14) - 200m individual medley, 2nd, 3:32.91; 100m breaststroke, 5th, 1:47.18; 100m freestyle, 7th, 1:24.67.

Jazmine Foster-Shaw (Girls 15-19) - 100m freestyle, 7th, 1:39.18; 100m backstroke, 5th, 2:13.13; 50m butterfly, 3rd, 53.35.

Klaire Krumwiede (Girls 13-14) - 50m freestyle, 3rd, 33.81; 100m freestyle, 2nd, 1:16.42; 200m freestyle, 2nd, 2:58.03.

Abigail Kulczyk (Girls 9-10) - 50m breaststroke, 4th, 59.31; 100m freestyle, 4th, 1:47.59; 50m backstroke, 6th, 1:03.65.

Iris McKean (Girls 11-12) - 50m breaststroke, 2nd, 51.65; 100m freestyle, 7th, 1:30.74; 50m backstroke, 2nd, 48.17.

Ben Miller (Boys 15-19) - 100m breaststroke, 4th, 1:30.53; 100m freestyle, 4th, 1:09.26; 400m freestyle, 3rd, 6:03.11.

Bergen Miller (Boys 13-14) - 50m freestyle, 8th, 35.49; 100m breaststroke, 3rd, 1:35.07; 100m freestyle, 4th, 1:22.04.

DJ Rasmusan (Girls 15-19) - 50m freestyle, 1st, 32.99; 100m breaststroke, 7th, 1:55.38; 400m freestyle, 1st, 6:46.00.

Ava Reyes (Girls 11-12) - 50m breaststroke, 4th, 53.17; 100m freestyle, 5th, 1:28.87; 50m backstroke, 1st, 45.95.

Grace Reyes (Girls 8-and-under) - 25m freestyle, 7th, 26.07; 25m butterfly, 5th, 31.19.

Dalton Sand (12) - 200m individual medley, 1st, 3:09.77; 50m freestyle, 1st, 30.94; 50m butterfly, 1st, 36.91.

Natosha Sand (Girls 15-19) - 100m breaststroke, 5th, 1:45.82; 100m freestyle, 2nd, 1:20.71; 50m butterfly, 2nd, 42.32.

Myli Swindler (Girls 9-10) - 50m breaststroke, 12th, 1:14.22; 50m butterfly, 4th, 1:08.26.

Haylly Turner (Girls 11-12) - 50m freestyle, 9th, 43.08; 50m breaststroke, 5th, 54.51.

Xavier Urbin (Boys 13-14) - 100m freestyle, 6th, 1:24.85; 100m backstroke, 4th, 1:47.91; 200m freestyle, 2nd, 3:08.39.


Girls 9-10 100m freestyle relay (Grace Reyes, Myli Swindler, Riley Clampitt, Abigail Kulczyk) – 5th, 1:36.03.

Boys 11-12 200m freestyle relay (Colter Barnett, Malin Beck, Bode Barnett, Dalton Sand) – 2nd, 3:36.99.

Girls 11-12 200m freestyle relay (Ava Reyes, Kambria Ross, Kira Beck, Iris McKean) - 3rd, 2:50.57.

Girls 15-19 200m freestyle relay (Natosha Sand, Jazmine Foster-Shaw, Klaire Krumwiede, DJ Rasmusan) – 1st, 2:24.09.

Girls 11-12 200m medley relay (Haylly Turner, Iris McKean, Ava Reyes, Abigail Kulczyk) – 1st, 3:10.55.

Boys 13-14 200m medley relay (Damian Cable, Bergen Miller, Dalton Sand, Colter Barnett) – 2nd, 3:07.49.

Girls 15-19 200m medley relay (Jazmine Foster-Shaw, DJ Rasmusan, Natosha Sand, Klaire Krumwiede) – 1st, 3:11.14.


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