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By Gwen Cornwell
Remember When 

'Dear Old Golden Rule Days'


School is now back in session for all schools. Remember when school started after Labor Day? Most of us cannot go into detail about the week or days prior to that first day, especially when we were in the early years of school. I remember getting to sit down at the kitchen table with catalogs, Sears, Aldens and Montgomery Wards, going through pages of dresses, trying to make a choice. (Oh, yes, dresses only back then). Mom had a budget amount (dictated by my dad I am sure) that each of us girls could spend. That included any new under-clothes we thought we needed also. I think I remember the dollar amount too, but it was so ridiculously low that I am not sure it is a valid memory.

I do not remember that we ever had a list of required supplies for starting school. I think we all got wide-lined tablets (maybe Big Chief?), several #2 lead pencils, and a new package of Crayons. Maybe we had school bags to carry them in. Of course we all made sure that we had our shoes polished and shined. And the shoe polish job was done weekly all school year. Many of the kids got new lunch pails also, as there were still a lot of country schools some years ago. Going back to school also brings to mind school buses and I might remember to touch on that another time.

I ran into an older friend the other day that recited the old School Days poem but was unable to remember the last lines. I could not either, but I did look that up today and am going to share it. I understand why we didn’t remember those last lines - our parents and teachers probably didn’t feel the need for us to remember beyond the Hickory Stick!

School days, school days

Dear old Golden Rule days

Reading and ‘riting and ‘rithmetic

Taught to the tune of the hick’ry stick

You were my queen in calico

I was your bashful, barefoot beau

And you wrote on my slate, “I Love You, Joe”

When we were a couple o’ kids.


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