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By Sandy Laumeyer
Just A Thought 

To My Grandchildren


Some of you are adults, others are in school, and one is in pre-school. But whatever your age, this is for all of you.

For those still in school, you have a very important job -- getting your education. Pay attention in class and do your homework before you do anything else. Respect your teachers. Be honest and truthful. There will be people you may not like, but don’t be mean to them. It will not make you a better person. Being kind to others will.

Once you’ve graduated high school, you will have to decide if you are going to college or trade school or enter the world of work. Whatever path you choose, give it your all -- 100 percent. Be on time for your class or job. And, as my father told me, remember you are being paid for eight hours so be sure to give your employer eight hours -- not seven and a half.

Again, respect your teachers or employer. Respect must be earned. If, for whatever reason, your employer asks you to remain past quitting time, do it without complaining. You know you will be paid overtime but by not complaining about staying at work longer, you are building your reputation and character.

Honesty, truthfulness, respect, being a hard worker, and being kind -- all these traits will earn you respect from people and help you to have a good life.

Should you decide to marry and have your own family, remember you’ve made a huge commitment to not only your spouse but to your children.

There is a saying you should keep in mind about marriage. Everyone prepares for their wedding but they don’t prepare for marriage. Communication with your spouse and your children is so very important. By keeping the lines of communication open you will always be able to work through any problems that arise.

Spending time with your family should be your number one priority. Don’t get so busy with other things you don’t have time to take your family out for fun things such as fishing, swimming, going to a play, taking a trip for the weekend. And if your children are involved in school sports, go to their games to support them. Your children will learn from watching you and your actions how to have a good life.

Give back to your community. Volunteer to help with events. Join community oriented clubs. If you know of someone who could use some help with house repairs, or mowing their lawn, or raking their leaves -- whatever their needs -- offer your assistance.

The higher you set your standards won’t go unnoticed, especially by your family.

And don’t be afraid to let your children see you cry. No matter the reason your children will see compassion and love in action.

Remember to keep God in your life. You will find there are times when the only thing that helps you get through tough times is your faith. I know this from things that have happened in my own life. Prayer is more powerful than you realize.

When you live your life with love, honesty, truthfulness, kindness, belief in yourself, and faith, you will know peace and joy.


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