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Local Elections are Coming Up

On Nov. 3, townspeople around Valley County will turn out to vote in their city’s respective municipal elections. The candidates and the positions for which they’re running are as follows:

Fort Peck: Mayor (4 year term): John Jones (incumbent) – unopposed

Alderman/woman (4 yrs; 3 seats): Justin Schaaf (inc.); Kirsten Marie Holte (inc.); Mark Sullivan (inc.)

Nashua: Alderman/woman (4 yrs; 2 seats): Robert I Zeluff (inc.); Michael Lee Stingley (inc.); Judy Boyum

Opheim: Alderman/woman (4 yrs; 2 seats): Michael Roberton (inc.); Les Redfield (inc.)

Glasgow: Alderman/woman (4 yrs):

Ward 1: Nanci L Schoenfelder (inc.)

Ward 2: Butch Heitman; Doug Nistler

Ward 3: Rod Karst (inc.)

North Valley County Water and Sewer District, Inc. Board of Directors (4 yrs; 2 seats): Charles K. Daniels, Rebbecca M. Daniels, Roger A. Davis, Sr., Leon H. Pearce (inc.). Vote for two.

All active electors that reside in one of the wards or within the water and sewer district were mailed ballots. If anyone thinks they should have received a ballot and did not, please notify the Clerk and Recorder’s office in the Valley County Courthouse at 228-6220.


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