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Johnnie Cafe Music To My Ears

Do you remember the Johnnie Café? Yes, of course, most everyone remembers and misses that eating spot – a gathering and meeting spot for so many. A place you where could always run into family and friends, our rural neighbors, not just from Glasgow but from the surrounding areas.

How many of you remember when you could select and play music on the juke box right from the convenience of your booth? Each booth along the wall had a device mounted just above the booth table, allowing you to select and play your favorite music.

I am sure there is a name that I should be using, but for those that don't remember, I might compare it to a Rolodex that keeps track of addresses and phone numbers.

You could flip through several pages looking for titles you might enjoy, then make your choice by putting in your money and punching a button.

Do you remember the amount of money it required? Was it three for 25 cents or 25 cents each?

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