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In Response To Damien Austin's Letter In Aug. 31 Issue

Dear Editor, 1. Federal approval to graze public lands was established many years ago, but was limited to production of domestic cattle, not bison. 2. Why is the Federal Government allowing grazing...


Water Rights

Dear Editor, Stockwater is one of Montana's oldest water uses and is critical to the continued survival of a Montana livestock industry. Before the Montana Water Use Act of July 1, 1973, livestock...


Caution To All Drivers

Dear Editor, Now that school is back in session again it is time to caution drivers at all intersections! Watch for yield signs and follow right-of-way rules!! Last Wednesday early evening I was...


Why Are We Treated Differently?

Dear Editor, The Montana Cattlemen's Association is disappointed in the Bureau of Land Management's (BLM) decision to authorize the American Prairie Reserve to use 63,065 acres of public lands in...


Creating Access and Restoring Wildlife

Dear Editor, Every person in Montana, regardless of income, deserves an opportunity to enjoy our great outdoors. That's why I'm happy to report that two recent developments at American Prairie have...


HS All Class Reunion Looking For Volunteers

The Glasgow High School All Class Reunion, June 16 thru June 19, 2022, is fast approaching! Events and gatherings have been planned for returning alumni, family and friends and the locals too. The...


May Was Mental Health Awareness Month

Dear Editor, Eastern Montana Mental Health Center (EMMHC) would like to highlight community organizations that help make a difference. With May being Mental Health Awareness Month, we thought [it] wou...


Montana Red Cross

Dear Editor, Turning compassion into action has always been the Red Cross way, but we certainly don't do it alone. That's why we want to thank you for making Red Cross part of your community. Last...


Our Constitution is Clear – Let People Vote

Dear Editor, My grandfather Melvin Running Wolf was only 36 years old when all Native Americans finally gained the right to vote in the United States. Imagine that. Only three generations ago, not...


Montana Businesses Are In Favor Of Comprehensive Reform CI-121 Is Neither Comprehensive Nor A Reform

Dear Editor, The Montana Chamber of Commerce is the state's largest business advocacy organization, representing small and large business from rural to urban communities. Improving Montana's tax...



On November 9, DC District Court judge Tanya Chutkan refused former US president Donald Trump's request, based on "executive privilege," for a preliminary injunction forbidding the National Archives and Records Administration to release documents to... Full story



The month-long showdown over taxes is finally nearing its end as the majority of Congressional Democrats face off against a small group of their moderate colleagues in a fight over the future of the party and the country. While most Democrats are... Full story


Was Your Operation Impacted By The Coronavirus Pandemic?

Dear Editor, Farmers and ranchers feed our state, our nation, and in fact, our world. You work long hours to provide essential resources for us all, and in these challenging times, I want you to know that USDA is here to support you and your operatio...


Kudos to GPD

Dear Editor, Wednesday, July 29th, I witnessed two very patient officers. Officer Robert Weber and his partner that night, had a unique situation to handle and both officers handled the situation very well. I wished I knew the other officer’s...


A Letter From Former EMTs

To the Valley County Community, We are grateful for the privilege of providing emergency medical care to you when you were probably having the worst day of your life and needed help. It was an honor and a privilege to be there for you. We cherish... Full story


Here's A Texas Size Thank You To Glasgow

Dear Editor: My wife and I are traveling through Montana with our horses in a trailer with living quarters. When we came through Glasgow (the week of June 16), we were having a difficult time finding somewhere to stall or pasture our horses overnight... Full story


No, No, No: Saco Shooting Range Closed

Dear Editor: I am shocked and disappointed, by the events that have occurred at the shooting range south of Saco. It is evident that a person or persons unknown, do not understand the meaning of the word “no,” such as: “No” jacketed bullets... Full story


Bison Legacy Fine As Is

This is an open letter from Michael Fred Ereaux of Malta, a member of the Montana Community Preservation Alliance, to Tom France, the Missoula-based senior director for western wildlife conservation for the National Wildlife Federation, whose... Full story

 By Steve Page    Opinion    May 8, 2013

New Shed, Civic Center Looking Good For A Reason

I would like to compliment the Valley County Road Department Supervisor and his crew on their fine job of constructing the new storage shed in the county yard. As taxpayers, we appreciate the accomplishment of this project in your spare time, using l... Full story

 By Bob Strand    Opinion    May 8, 2013

VA Clinic Needs Improvement

I recently had an annual physical appointment with the VA in Billings. When I was about halfway to Billings, I received a call from the VA that my appointment had been unavoidably cancelled. I was re-scheduled for a week later. I went on to... Full story


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