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Sounds Like a Broken Record

It’s starting to feel like I’m living through the movie Groundhog Day: another Sunday heralding a return of colder weather, with the prospect of intermittent bouts of snow flurries thrown in for good measure. Early on Sunday, the sky to the west...


Sunday Blathering

Why does it seem that every Sunday brews up some not-so-nice weather? Or is it just me that feels that way? Way up here, far beyond the Middle of Nowhere, this past Sunday gave us lots and lots of...


Cooking, Cleaning, Clearing

Yesterday I was asked why there weren’t any recipes last week. I’d simply blathered on long enough about other things that I’d run out of room. So I hope you’re prepared for a bit of an overload about cooking this week. Or you could skip on... Full story


Watercolor Workshop at Wheatgrass

One spring afternoon I was driving home to Saint Marie. I happened to hear about a watercolor workshop at the Cottonwood. I'd done a lot of acrylics but very little Watercolor, so I signed up. That's...


Springtime in Montana

It’s definitely a Montana-style spring going on: spits of rain one day, flurries of snow the next. Between the two, we measured .08” of moisture last week, and every bit counts. The snow Friday evening measured about 3” of wet fluff. It was...


Seeds, Spaghetti and French Bread

The seeds for this year’s garden have been purchased. The seed catalogs were of no help - I’ve continued to ignore both the ones that came snail-mail and the daily barrage of emailed exhortations to have “the best garden ever” if only I’ll...


I'm Back

Let me start with a quick apology for having been missing from the Courier for the past month. I really wasn’t procrastinating. Family matters kept me from even thinking about either gardening or cooking. I’ve noticed lots of geese flying north... Full story


Doctors Visits and Well Being

MARY HONRUD FOR THE COURIER We’ve had another trip to Billings, this one for a couple of medical reasons. The main one was for another follow-up on Dennis’s shoulder procedure. The healing of that shoulder is proceeding extremely well. He’s... Full story


Living With the Whole Life Challenge

During the times I spend doing the Whole Life Challenge (WLC), there’s a new Well Being Practice (WBP - you’d almost think it’s a gov’t program with all these acronyms) each week. This current challenge started with making a “Do Not Do... Full story


Procrastinating Again

MARY HONRUD FOR THE COURIER I'd been so good lately at getting my column written and sent in well before the Monday deadline, that having having procrastination raise its oh-so-tempting head really...


Back in Montana

We are home again after our latest trip to Florida. We spent a great deal of time down there hanging out at ice rinks, watching our grandsons playing hockey. They’re in different age groups, the older being a squirt while the younger is a mite. Bot... Full story


Enduring Epiphytes Exposed? Or Further Florida Flora

There are many more epiphytes than most of us non-botanists are aware. I've done a little more studying on these plants, which comprise roughly ten percent of all plant species. So if you are bored... Full story


Florida Fauna

MARY HONRUD FOR THE COURIER While walking along foot paths towards the beach on Sanibel Island in Florida, I took note of the thick "vines" I thought were snaking their way up and around other trees.... Full story


Wheatgrass Arts & Gallery Art Reception Featuring Prison Art

Art is created from all walks of life. Some art is honed through formal training. Others are products of a need to express a struggling life. Arts are inherently communicative, connecting people... Full story


Middle of Nowhere BBQ Cook-off Success

The inaugural "Middle of Nowhere" BBQ Cook-off took place in the Elks parking lot this past Friday and Saturday, Sept. 7 and 8. Twelve teams gathered to in an attempt to take home the Grand Champion... Full story


Living in a Mess

Another week has passed me by, and I still haven't been able to do any housework. In fact, it's gotten to the point that once I do find the time I won't know where to start. Does anyone else face... Full story


The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men

None of my plans for last week panned out. First off, while I had seriously contemplated dusting and vacuuming, Dennis decided we would make a run to town for various things on Monday. We headed down...


Library Card Sign-up Month 2018

As students of Valley County head back to school, there is one essential school supply that requires no shopping and doesn't cost a penny – it's a library card. This September, Glasgow City-County...


Unshelved: DVD Highlights Available at GCCL

The Glasgow City-County library has over 3,000 DVD titles in the collection ranging from popular series to documentaries. Newly added selections can be found on the new shelf near the front entrance of the library. The check-out limit for adult...


Almost Maine, Slices of Normalcy

Almost Maine is one of the most produced plays that no one seems to have heard of, myself included. So I sat down with Fort Peck Summer Theatre’s Artistic Director Andy Meyers to find out more. Much like last year’s Souvenir, the last production... Full story


2019 FPST Season Announced

Artistic Director for the Fort Peck Summer Theatre Andy Meyers has announced the upcoming shows for the 2019 Season. Lend Me a Tenor will run from May 31 through June 16; Mamma Mia will run from June 21 through July 7; The Marvelous Wonderettes will... Full story


Procrastination Rears Its Ugly Head Again

I feel like I've done a lot of dilly-dallying these past couple of weeks. I started painting rocks when it got too hot to work outside. Even though we've since had cooler days, I've continued staying...


Livingston Art Show Featured Glasgow Artist Cathryn Reitler

Local artist Cathryn Reitler, who has since married and now goes by McIntyre, was a featured artist in the #MeToo: A Visual Dialogue group show at Green Door Gallery in Livingston, Mont. The reception was held July 27, from 5:30 to 8 p.m....


Running Hot and Cold

This is being written on Monday morning, Aug.13. After enduring several days of extreme heat, I'm searching for my sweatshirt and beanie instead of a tank top and sun hat. I had planned to pick green... Full story


Gardening and Grandsons

My garden has been producing summer squash from those too many plants I put in. I took a couple of the round ones, along with a couple zucchini-type ones, and arranged them to form the eyes, nose,...


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