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  • Substance Use in the Family & Children's Mental Health

    VCC Americorp Worker Haley Genster, For the Courier|May 25, 2022

    Mental health status isn’t just diagnoses and medication: mood, thought processes, and behavior are all factors of how someone is doing. Like all development, one’s lifelong mental and behavioral health begins early in childhood. As much as we wish the opposite was true, unpleasant emotions and events are unavoidable even in childhood. These events may have a very deep impact since children are constantly learning about the world around them. PTSD is largely associated with combat veterans or other survivors of physical violence, but many lif...

  • Agricultural Stress In NE Montana

    VCC Americorp Worker Haley Genster, For the Courier|May 11, 2022

    No one is a stranger to stress and all the ways it affects our lives - even more so in recent years. The pandemic, recession, and continued cultural polarization has deeply impacted everybody- possibly in ways we may not fully grasp for years. However, not everyone had that global stress compounded with environmental factors like rural farm communities have coming into back-to-back drought years. As of April 1, the Milk River Basin, which covers 23,800 sq mi from southern Alberta to Nashua, is at 68 percent of normal precipitation and the...