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  • Where Credit is Due

    Horace Sense, Letter To the Editor|Oct 28, 2015

    As I was reading Virgil Vaupel's review, Think Before You Donate, the false viral email that comes around each holiday season, I had to feel my pulse to see if I had died and Virgil was channeling me from the beyond, or whether he had hacked into my computer. Especially when he ended with, "One would almost think that my friend Horace wrote that scalding review!!" I had written almost the same review two years before, even siting the same sources to fact-check it before replying to the sender and exposing the lies about the prominent charities...

  • Hello from Horace!

    Horace Sense, Letter To The Editor|Oct 21, 2015

    Mary Honrud’s common sense commentary, “A Return To Founding Values,” provided a valuable reminder of the efforts of the framers of the Constitution to specifically avoid the repressiveness associated with creating any kind of religious nation, “Christian Nation” or otherwise. She effectively demonstrated that they understood that no religion has a lock on the truth so they drafted the religion clauses in the First Amendment to ensure freedom of belief, and therefore tolerance of diversity. I’m not a liberal, nor a conservative, (or atheist...