December 11, 2013 | Volume 100 / Number 50

NWS: On Watch For A Change In The Weather

With winter weather advisories in effect, snow and ice covering the roads and concerns with the amount of precipitation that falls in the local area, many turn to the local National Weather Service to predict what might be coming. Glasgow is lucky to have the weather service headquartered here for the Northeastern Montana area.

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BLM / For The Courier
Rex Morgan releases a weather balloon into the air to help the local weather station collect data that allow them to more accurately forecast the weather over the next seven to ten days. With more winter weather on the way, employees at the Glasgow National Weather Service will be busy watching screens and sending out weather advisories.

Tanja Fransen, warning coordination meteorologist, explained that the there has been some form of weather service in Glasgow for many years, as far back as 1887. Last week as sub-zero temperatures hit the area, a crew of engineers and scientists, sitting at the top...

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