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Big Guys With Big Hearts

Kolt Cornwell Meets The Bobcat Football Team


For The Courier

Kolt Cornwell and his brother, Klay, get to talk with MSU quarterback DeNarius McGhee on Saturday at the UC-Davis game.

A Glasgow boy has had a couple of great experiences with the Bobcat football team of Montana State University.

Kolt Cornwell, age 10, was taken to watch the team practice in August. Kolt is the son of Kirk and Britney Cornwell. He uses a wheelchair and this was noticed by the players. The linemen came over and introduced themselves, and the quarterbacks made a visit. After practice he was invited on the field and the players gave him some gloves and a ball signed by the whole team.

"This is the best day of my summer," Kolt told his great-uncle, Jeff Boyle of Bozeman.

When he got home, Kolt wrote the team a letter of thanks for the exciting time he had.

Last Saturday, Kolt went to the Bobcat home game in Bozeman with his cousins, where MSU beat UC-Davis. The team members remembered him and stopped to talk.

The Bleskin brothers, senior Tanner, a wide receiver, and sophomore Jake, a quarterback, were observed taking a knee to visit with Kolt and sign his wheelchair.

It makes Boyle want to stand up for the team after the "barrage of bad news about football players." He wrote a letter to the Bozeman Daily Chronicle about those "Darn Bobcats." He said they took time to make Kolt feel 10 feet tall.


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